Why-O Why-O Why-O-Ming! DraftKings Launches In Wyoming!

DraftKings Sportsbook announced last week that it is now available for new customers to sign up in the beautiful state of Wyoming!

Back in August, the state voted to legalize sports betting from September 1st this year by passing the Bill HB0133. Since then, legislators have been busy finalizing the regulations by which operators can operate within the state.

Not Unexpected Move

It is not an unexpected move by the state governors given that customers in Wyoming could still bet on international sites as there were no laws that stated that they could not do so.

That meant that without clear legislation on sports betting in the state, that potentially millions of dollars in taxes were being missed out on due to the lack of clear regulations.

Unsurprisingly, following the precedent set by other states, Wyoming has now become the latest to permit sports betting on its site for regulators that it approves.

And now DraftKings Sportsbook has quickly become one of those sites!

Fun Facts About Wyoming!

  • Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the United States by area (97,818 square miles), but has the smallest population in the country with around 586,000 people.
  • The Sundance Kid was named after the town of Sundance in Wyoming, because he was jailed their aged 15 for stealing a horse.
  • Most of Yellowstone National Park lies within Wyoming.
  • Devils Tower (pictured) was declared the first National Monument of the United States in 1906. The mountain is a famous setting used at the end of the film Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.
  • Almost half the state is owned by the US government.
  • Wyoming is the newest state to permit sports betting in the US – but you knew that already!

DraftKings Sportsbook Introductory Offer For New Customers In Wyoming

The great news for customers based in Wyoming that join DraftKing Sportsbook is thatDraftKIngs Golden Nugget Merger they are able to do so with a great value starter bonus.

Simply make a deposit into your new account above $5 in value and DraftKings will reward you with a bonus of 20% of your deposit in site credits, up to a maximum bonus amount of $1,000.

Then for every $25 of your cash that you play through at the sportsbook, you will receive $1 of your allotted bonus released into your account. You have 90 days within which to realise your bonus, after which any funds not released will be forfeited.

And of course, as is the case in other states for DraftKings customers, you will be able to access a wide variety of offers and other promotions that the site runs over the course of the year, such as the NFL Season opening No Brainer Bet Tampa Bay +73 Vs Dallas offer which is running at the moment.

What Will Be The Most Popular Betting Markets For Wyoming Customers?

Given that this week has seen the start of the regular NCAAF college football season and next weekend sees the start of the new NFL season, you can bet that football fans in Wyoming will be buzzing about the opportunity to bet on their favorites, which includes the University of Wyoming football team.

The Cowboys play in the MW Mountain division along with Air Force, New Mexico, Utah State, Boise State and Colorado State. They won their opening game of the season 19-16 against Montana State on Saturday.

Given its small population and small towns and cities, Wyoming doesn’t have any professional sports teams of its own, but fans still support a wide range of NFL teams but particularly the Denver Broncos, who play in neighbouring Colorado.

Wyoming won’t be the last state to permit sports betting across the United States, but it is a welcome addition to the growing number that do!

And DraftKings Sportsbook is a great place for natives of Wyoming to start!


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