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PointsBet Sportsbook Now Offering NBA Same Game Parlay Bets!

If you are based in New Jersey and enjoy the NBA, then PointsBet Sportsbook has announced that the sites new Same Game Parlay service is now up and running for any game in the NBA over the remainder of the season.

The new option is easy to find, simple to use and ensures that when you put together your NBA Same Game Parlay bet, that it is a legal and acceptable one, so there’s no chance of you placing a bet that can’t win, or is not allowed by the site.

New to Same Game Parlay bets? Then check out our explanation of what these types of bet are below, before we take a look at the finer points of this new feature at NJ PointsBet Sportsbook.

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What Is A Same Game Parlay?

A Same Game Parlay bet is a parlay bet where all of the selections that are part of the Parlay, are taken from different markets from the same game.

This is different to a traditional Parlay Bet which has tended to see different selections from different games put together, such as picking the winning team from five different NFL games for example.

The rules for the Same Game Parlay bet with PointsBet is the same as any parlay bet. All the legs you add to your selection must be winners in order for the parlay bet to pay you a return. If one or more legs let you down, then your bet is a loser.

Of course, if you are putting together different markets from the same game, then the one thing you need to make sure is that your Parlay Bet can be a winner, and this is where the Same Game Parlay tool is such a boost for PointsBet NJ customers.

How Do I Place An NBA Same Game Parlay Bet At PointsBet?

With PointsBet, you can now place a Same Game Parlay bet on any NBA games that take place over the remainder of the season. To access this service, simply click on the NBA game that you want to place a bet on and then click on the Same Game Parlay option.

The utility is set up so that any bets that are conflicting or which cannot possibly happen, or are not allowed to be combined, will not be accepted onto the bet slip. So you can’t accidentally select, say the Brooklyn Nets to cover the spread at -6.5 and also back the Knicks to cover at +6.5 too.

Similarly, you can’t select the Nets on the points spread at -6.5 and then add the Knicks to win at +210 on the moneyline.

This ensures that every leg of your Same Game Parlay that you add makes the bet both winnable for you and allowable on the site.

Simply add the selections to your bet slip from the different market options in the Same Game Parlay section of the site.

The markets available for the Same Game Parlay bets on the NBA are as follows:

  • Game Lines
  • Game Props
  • Totals
  • Player Points
  • Player Assists
  • Player Rebounds
  • Spreads
  • Pick Your Own Spread
  • Pick Your Own Total

Clicking on the expand arrow will show the different markets available under these headings and allow you to add additional legs to your bet slip to compile your Same Game Parlay bet in full.

Once you have added enough legs and are happy with your bet, just add the selections to your bet slip, enter your stake and place the bet. Your first NBA Same Game Parlay bet with Pointsbet has now been placed!

You can now tune in to the game and watch to see if your NBA Parlay bet is a winner or not!

Remember, you can now use this offer on NBA games throughout the rest of the season, so why not give it a try if you are a PointsBet customer in New Jersey?



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