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New Year Cheer! Massive Good News Boost for Iowa Sports Betting Fans!

If you have been betting on sports in Iowa of late, then you will know that to do this, you need to make an on-premises registration with a certified sportsbook operator in the state before you can participate in sports betting online.

Well from January 1 2021, that regulation will no longer be enforced, meaning Iowa-based customers can now register online or via your mobile device for sports betting in the state! Result!

To celebrate this huge news for customers in IA, DraftKings Online Sportsbook has come up with a special registration bonus for any customers in Iowa that would like to take advantage of the new regulations which come in from January 1!

This new IA-specific bonus is now LIVE on the DraftKings Sportsbook site!

Get a free $50 Bet On registration from anywhere in IA with DraftKings!

The bonus offer will see you sign up either using a computer or a mobile device in Iowa with the superb DraftKings Sportsbook betting site. Once you have become a member, and provided you meet the criteria outlined in the terms and conditions below, you will receive a free $50 bet!

You can sign up immediately to ensure that you claim the bonus and let’s be honest, who would want to miss out?

There are some key terms and conditions regarding the bonus that you should understand however, and these are:

  • Offer available for IA customers only.
  • Claimants must be 21+ years of age.
  • Your $50 Free Bet must be used within seven days of the date it goes live.
  • When you place your Free Bet, your stake money is not included any returns or winnings that your bet wins.
  • You cannot redeem your Free Bet for cash. It is also non-transferable and non-refundable.

Why is this a big deal for Iowa sports bettors?

Previously, if you wanted to sign up to bet on sports online in Iowa, this required you heading into the real-world premises of an operator already licensed to offer sports betting in the state.

This often entailed a significant journey for some Iowans, given how rural some parts of the state are, and was a somewhat long-winded and inconvenient way to gain access to sports betting online.

Of course, once you registered, you were free to bet online if you then chose to do so, but there was no doubt it was an inconvenient way to sign up.

This new change of rules coming into force in the New Year means that Iowan citizens no longer have this inconvenience. They can sign up with sportsbook services like DraftKings direct from their computer or mobile device.

Not only will this make the sign-up process easier, it is also going to encourage the many citizens to sign up and try out betting on sports, perhaps some for the first time.

Especially for those for whom travelling to their nearest casino was impractical.

And with the NFL reaching the climax of the Regular Season and the start of the newly extended Playoffs, plus the start of the NBA Season occurring very shortly, it is the perfect time to do so!

Welcome to the world of online registration Iowa! It’s good to have you part of the team!


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