DraftKings Offers a New Promotion to Celebrate Iowa Dropping On-Prem Registration

For a rural state like Iowa, on-premises registration to enjoy sports betting online was a nuisance for some and massively inconvenient for others. However, from January 1 2021, Iowa will be dropping the requirement for on-premises registrations and to celebrate DraftKings Online Sportsbook is ready with a Double Your Money promotion!

This new offer is for citizens based or residing in Iowa and is available from January 1. It takes the form of a number of similar DraftKings promotional offers that have been made available on a state-by-state basis in recent times.

Green Bay – Double Your Money Offer

The promotional offer from DraftKings could not be simpler. If you live in Iowa and are aged 21+ then all you need to do is place a bet on a special market that DraftKings have made for this game.

That is for Aaron Rodgers to complete just one pass in their final regular season game of the year against the Chicago Bears (which takes place on January 3 2021).

Make this bet and if Rodgers does indeed complete one pass or more in that game, then you will receive back Double Your Money as a Free Bet!

There are a couple of things you need to know regarding the terms and conditions of the offer and these are outlined below:

  • IA only and customers must be 21+
  • Free Bet must be used within 7 days of the mobile live date.
  • The Free Bet amount you wager is not include in any returns or winnings from the bet.
  • You cannot redeem your Free Bet for cash, it is non-transferable and also non-refundable.

Why is Iowa removing on-premises registration a big deal?

Up until January 1 2021, if you were based in Iowa and wanted to bet on sports online, then to do Iowa daily fantasy sportsso you were not legally permitted to sign up using your mobile or desktop with an online sports betting service like DraftKings or any of the other internet-based operators in the state.

Instead, you had to visit one the real-world casinos where these operators were based and register in person on the premises (hence the term ‘on prem registration’).

Once you had done this, you could then access the online services to bet online in Iowa. However, this was problematic for a number of reasons.

Firstly, while the state does boast a number of casinos dotted around it, Iowa is a large and rural state. This meant that for many citizens, a journey to their ‘local’ casino could be one of many hours. That journey could be considerably longer if you wanted to sign up at a specific casino.

In a sense, it meant that native Iowans were being penalised for wanting to bet online, by having to spend a lot of money on gas, as well as a lot of time, registering for an online casino, due to this rather strange rule.

With many other states now allowing online registrations it was also a little unfair that Iowans were being forced to register online, when people in other states could do so from home on their desktop or on their mobile device.

This new rule change effectively means Iowans can now register from the comfort of their own home, or on a mobile device and enjoy the same privileges as many other American sports betting enthusiasts.

And what better way to celebrate the fact than a Double Your Money betting offer from DraftKings featuring a Green Bay Packers team that many feel will be the NFC’s representatives in February’s Superbowl LV!


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