What You Need to Know About FanDuel Mini

FanDuel Mini contests offer DFS with a smaller rosters and fewer positions.

Daily fantasy sports sites are increasingly trying to make DFS more fun and easy for the recreational players. Similar to DraftKings Arcade Mode that was introduced in early 2017, FanDuel offers its DFS players FanDuel Mini.

Instead of drafting a lineup of 9 players, FanDuel Mini keeps things simple with just five roster spots. Variations of the games give players even more choice.

Basics of FanDuel Mini Rosters

FanDuel Mini takes some of the guesswork out of DFS but diminishing the roster. FanDuel Mini rosters consist of one quarterback, two wide receivers and two running backs, not only condensing positions but removing two positions altogether – kickers and team defense.

These innovative contests come in two main styles — Mini and Mini Unlimited. Although similar, there is one min distinction between the two types of contests

FanDuel Mini Standard: Standard Mini contests consist of five roster spots with a standard salary cap that you must follow to draft your lineup.

FanDuel Mini Unlimited: Unlike standard contests, FanDuel Mini Unlimited allows you to pick any player you want, regardless of salary cap. Note that despite there being a salary cap for these contests, you do not have to worry about exceeding it.

FanDuel Mini contests are available for guaranteed varieties as well as leagues, head to heads and 50/50s. Multiplier contests are not currently available.

Looking to try FanDuel Mini?

If you comfortable with standard DFS, consider trying out NFL Mini contests by participating in the FanDuel Golden Five free contest each week.

Win the grand prize by selecting the best possible Mini Unlimited lineup in a given week. The prize started out at $20,000 and goes up each week until the end of the NFL football season.

FanDuel Mini Scoring Rules and Roster

Scoring for these contests uses the standard FanDuel NFL scoring schedule.

The obvious exception is for positions that don’t exist on FanDuel Mini rosters — kicker and team defense. Removing these positions can be favored by players as both positions tend to be somewhat unpredictable.

Finding FanDuel Mini Contests

To play these contests, you can find FanDuel Mini Contests under the NFL Mini tab.

These contests can be found on the left navigation (on computers) where you choose which game style you would like to play.

Below styles, you will also select the slate you wish to play. This is where you can choose the Mini Standard or Mini Unlimited games.

FanDuel Mini Lobby


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