Want No Rollover Requirement? That’s No Problem At PointsBet Sportsbook!

Is there anything more frustrating than being handed a bonus by a sportsbook, but to only then find out that it comes with a very high wagering requirement or rollover requirement?

On some sites, if you were to deposit $100 and receive $100 in bonuses, with a large wagering requirement it can mean you need to spend $5,000 in bets from that cash before you can withdraw any winnings from it.

Understanding rollover requirements is important when considering what offers to take and also which sports betting site to join.

So let’s begin that journey by asking a key question:

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What Is A Rollover Requirement?

A Rollover Requirement is a rule that is used by casinos and sports book and other gambling sites which ensures that the user, when in receipt of some kind of benefit from the casino, will only use that benefit to gamble on the site and cannot withdraw that bonus they have received instantly.

One of the most confusing aspects of the requirement can be the terminology. Different terms can be used to describe a Rollover Requirement, with Wagering Requirement one of the more popularly used terms. Essentially though, both these phrases mean the same thing.

The Rollover Requirement on an offer is stated as a multiple of the bonus, or more frequently, the bonus you have received and the size of the bet or deposit that triggered the free bet bonus.

For example, you may see on an offer that any bonus you receive is subject to a 5x Rollover Requirement.

But what does that actually mean? Let’s show you now.

How Does A Rollover Requirement Work?

A wagering requirement or rollover requirement works by stating that the person in receipt of the bonus will need to wager that bonus a stated number of times at the casino or sportsbook in order to be able to withdraw any funds from that particular bonus.

There are a couple of things you need to focus on when looking at a Rollover Requirement.

  • Whether the requirement is based on the bonus alone, or the bonus and the triggering deposit or bet (in most cases, it is the latter).
  • How many times you must wager the bonus or bonus & deposit amount in order to release the funds for withdrawal.

Let’s use an example to explain what this means.

If a site was to offer you a 100% deposit bonus of up to $50, with a 5x wagering requirement on the deposit and bonus, and you made the maximum deposit of $50 to trigger the maximum bonus, then how would this work out?

Well, you would deposit $50 and receive $50 in bonus funds. So that is $100 in total. Now the wagering requirement for this offer states that it is calculated on your deposit and the bonus, so that means the full $100, and that it is 5x that amount. 5 x $100 is $500.

This means that you would need to make $500 worth of wagers from your initial $50 deposit and $50 in bonus funds (and any winnings you generate from them) in order to be able to make a withdrawal.

If the wagering requirement or rollover requirement was based on the bonus alone, then in the above example, that would mean 5 x $50, which would mean a $250 rollover requirement before you can withdraw the cash.

Isn’t The Rollover Requirement A Bit Of A Con?

Well, no not really. And I will explain why.

Imagine you go into your grocery store and at the door, they welcome you and give you a voucher that says, if you spend $50 of your own cash in store, they will give you a further $50 to spend. Meaning a $100 shop would cost you $50.

Now, if that happened, you would be delighted; and that is essentially what the casino is doing here.

However, if your grocery store handed you a $50 bill when you left the cash register having spent $50 or more at the store, then they would lose out, as you would likely go and spend that $50 bill elsewhere!

The wagering requirement is simply the casino or sports book’s way of making sure that you spend the bonus that they have given you with them.

Almost every offer that sees bonuses or free bets given to customers will see a rollover requirement of some form, but there is one site that does buck that trend for one particular type of offer.

What Is Special About PointsBet’s No Rollover Requirement Guarantee?

The site that doesn’t operate with a Rollover Requirement for its bonus bets is PointsBet Sportsbook.

What this means is quite simple. Every time you receive a bonus bet from PointsBet as part of one of their promotions (unless it states otherwise), then that bonus will be free from any rollover requirement.

That means, if you received a $50 bonus bet from the site as part of a promotion, and you place the $50 bet and you win $300. Then you can withdraw that $300 immediately with no further wagering required.

Of course, you do have to bet the bonus bet (it is a bet after all), but seeing as this is a bonus, you are not losing out on the offer and only stand to gain if your bet is a winner.

What is also exciting about PointsBet rollover requirements is that the site also has just a 1x rollover requirement on deposit bonuses. Which means that if you deposited $50 and received a deposit bonus of $50, you would need to wager just $100 in bets using this balance and any winnings you receive from those bets would be yours to withdraw if you so wished.

Finding a site with as good a rollover requirement as PointsBet Sportsbook is very, very difficult, with some asking for as much as 25x your bet and deposit to be wagered before they will even consider letting you withdraw your funds.

That is what makes this PointsBet Sportsbook bonus so valuable to its customers!



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