FanDuel Tennis Tournament

Compete For A Top Prize Of Up To $6,000 With Tennis Wagers

Are you enjoying all the action of the US Open so far? We know we are. This is one of North America’s most hotly anticipated tennis tournaments and is always full of a hell of a lot of action. Now you can dial up the excitement with the FanDuel Tennis Tournament, where you can compete for a share of $20,000 in bonus cash prizes.

How do I enter the FanDuel Tennis Tournament?

Well the first thing you have to do to enter the FanDuel Tennis Tournament is sign up to FanDuel, of course.

If you’re over 21 years of age and are physically located within the state borders of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, West Virginia or Colorado, you qualify to sign up.

Plus when you do sign up, you can avail of this spectacular welcome offer

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Once your signed up to the sportsbook, simply opt in to FanDuel Tennis Tournament before you do anything else.

Then place wagers of at least $10 on the US Open for your chance to be in with a prize.

How does the FanDuel Tennis Tournament work?

Put quite simply, this is a leaderboard promotion. You earn points for every winning wager you place on the US Open Tennis Tournament on FanDuel, after you opt in, of course. And this promotion is running until 23:59 ET on 13 September, so you gotta get your bets in before then.

Any US Open Men’s or Women’s match is eligible. Plus you can bet live or before the event, whatever suits you. Just keep in mind that duplicate wagers are ineligible, as are bets that you cash out, odds boosted bets and multi-sport parlays.

And they have to be bets in real cash that you have deposited. Wagers made with bonus cash don’t count towards the eligibility requirements for this promotion.

How many points do I get for a winning wager?

The amount of points you get depend on the odds of your chosen bet. The longer the odds, the more points you get. So it’s worth taking a punt on a long shot bet, if you feel it might come in.

Here are how points are awarded:

  • -200 odds or shorter winning bets award no points
  • -199 to -105 winning bets award 1 point each
  • -104 to +120 winning bets award 2 points each
  • +121 to +175 winning bets award 3 points each
  • +176 to +235 winning bets award 5 points each
  • +236 to +340 winning bets award 7 points each
  • +341 to +495 winning bets award 10 points each
  • +496 to +900 winning bets award 15 points each
  • +901 to +1,905 winning bets award 20 points each
  • +1,906 or longer winning bets award 25 points each

What can I win for placing on the leaderboard?

If you place on the FanDuel Tennis Tournament Leaderboard, you get a cash prize. Pure and simple. The top 100 players get a bonus cash prize and, as you might expect, its weighted towards the people who finish towards the top.

  • First place player gets $6,000 in cash
  • Second place player gets $3,000 in cash
  • Third place player gets $2,000 in cash
  • Fourth place player gets $1,500 in cash
  • Fifth place player gets $1,000 in cash
  • Sixth place player gets $750 in cash
  • Seventh place player gets $600 in cash
  • Eighth place player gets $400 in cash
  • Ninth place player gets $300 in cash
  • Tenth place player gets $200 in cash
  • 11th through 15th place players get $150 in cash each
  • 16th through 25th place players get $100 in cash each
  • 26th through 50th place players get $50 in cash each
  • 51st through 100th place players get $75 in cash each

You’ve got seven days to use your bonus cash from the moment it’s deposited into your account. So make sure that you use it to place bets before it expires!


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