Pick Up A Parlay Booster with Unibet From Today!

From December 21st, sportsbook specialists Unibet are offering their customers in Pennsylvania, Indiana and New Jersey a special Profit Boost promotion! The offer will run through to near the end of the year and allows customers placing parlay bets to get a little more for their money thanks to a “Level Up Booster” bonus payment.

Place a multi-game parlay bet with enough legs and you could even win up to 50% more on top of your standard win.

What is a Parlay bet?

The Level Up Booster Bonus from Unibet is for qualifying parlay bets only. If you are notConnor Drinan WSOP Prop Bet With Daniel Negraenu sure what a parlay bet is, it is simply a bet where two or more selections from multiple games are combined together, with all the different selections from that bet needing to win in order for the parlay bet to be a winner.

Often, but not always, the selections are taken from the same sporting discipline, such as a selection of the games in an NFL weekend, or matches from an evening of NBA fixtures, for example.

What is special about parlay bets for players is that because the odds on these bets accumulate with every winning selection you make, even a relatively small bet can return a significant amount of money.

And of course, the more selections you have in your parlay bet that are winners, the greater the return is likely to be.

The downside of these bets? Well, you must have every one of your selections win to land the bet. If just one selection lets you down, then your bet will lose.

How does the Unibet Level Up Booster Bonus Work?

Place a parlay bet with Unibet in PA, IN or NJ over the qualifying period and provided your bet is of three selections or more, and of course is a winner, then Unibet will pay out a percentage of your total winnings as a bonus payment to you.

The more selections, or ‘legs’, you include in a bet, the greater the percentage reward will be as is shown below:

Unibet Level Up Boost Percentage Rewards

  • 3 Legs – 4% Boost
  • 4 Legs – 8% Boost
  • 5 Legs – 12% Boost
  • 6 Legs – 16% Boost
  • 7 Legs – 20% Boost
  • 8 Legs – 25% Boost
  • 9 Legs – 30% Boost
  • 10 Legs – 35% Boost
  • 11 Legs – 40% Boost
  • 12 Legs – 50% Boost

Are there any special terms and conditions for the Level Up Booster offer?

Yes, there are a couple of T&C’s you should be aware of. You need to have a valid UnibetUnibet account in one of the three states the offer is available in. You should also be 21 years of age and physically located in the state where you are participating.

The maximum stake you can place on the offer is $100 and each leg of your bet must be of odds of -200 or greater.

Your parlay bet must also have 3-12 selections of odds of -200 or greater and you can use the promotion several times across several different parlay bets during the bonus period. The maximum bonus you can earn from the offer is capped at $20,000.

Lastly, only bets placed with cash from your real cash money balance, not any bonus cash, can be used to place your bet to qualify your wager for the bonus should it be a winner.

Great opportunities to use this offer!

The great news too is that there are a number of great opportunities coming up for you to use this offer. The new NBA season starts on December 23 and although there are just two games on the opening night, there are many more games played on December 24 which offers you a great opportunity to use this offer.

Similarly, Week 16 of the regular season of the NFL is coming up at the weekend and with all 32 teams in action from December 25, this is another great opportunity for a parlay bet with Unibet.

Example of the bonus in action!

Let’s say I place a seven selection parlay bet on the following teams at the stated odds for a selection of games from the NBA opening weekend this week.

  • Brooklyn Nets (-6.5) -110
  • LA Lakers (-2.5) – 112
  • Miami Heat (-3) -112
  • Washington Wizards (+7.5) -110
  • Chicago Bulls (+2) -110
  • Detroit Pistons (+5) -110
  • Memphis Grizzlies (-3) -112

This would pay out at odds of +9028, which means a $10.00 bet on this would see you land $912.84 in winnings. However, with the Unibet Level Up Boost Percentage for a successful seven selection bet being 20%. You would also receive an additional $182.57 as a bonus payment for a total return from your bet of just over $1,095!

Remember you can re-use your Level Up Booster promotion over the festive period to give you a chance of more than one festive winnings boost!


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