FanDuel Hockey Scoring Changes for 2016

If you are daily fantasy hockey player at FanDuel, you will want to stay up with the scoring changes for the 2016-2017 season.

FanDuel Hockey Scoring Changes

While many DFS fans are knee deep in daily fantasy football, another type of daily fantasy sport is lurking — daily fantasy hockey. With the middle of October brings the start of the NHL season and daily fantasy hockey. At the beginning of every season, as fans of daily fantasy hockey, we need to make sure we take an inventory of what has changed so we can select the best lineups.

This year FanDuel has introduced some big changes for its daily fantasy hockey contests. While DraftKings has not seen any scoring changes for this year, you will definitely need to be aware of the changes before you starting entering contests at FanDuel.

So what are the FanDuel hockey scoring changes for the 2016-2017 NHL season?

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FanDuel Hockey Scoring Changes for 2016

FanDuel has made a big effort of late to increase the scoring in its various leagues, which we most recently saw with its MLB scoring changes introduced for last season. This trend is continuing with the start of the daily fantasy hockey season at FanDuel. Players will see significant point changes in most FanDuel daily fantasy hockey categories.

The extra points in most state categories make for more exciting experience even if the points are nearly proportional to where they were last year. Let’s take a look at the changes and how they compare to last season.

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As you can see, the stats that increased by 300% while power play points have stayed the same at 0.50. Some forward and defensive stats were removed for this season. Penalty minutes and +/- have been removed while shorthanded goals and block shots have been added. The removal of penalty minutes and +/- has been seen bey many as a welcome change.

There have been no stat category changes for goalies this year. However, all points earned by goalies have increased by 300% to be in line with the points earned by forwards and defencemen.

2016 FanDuel NHL Lineup Changes

In addition to the major scoring changes for 2016, there is also a minor change to how rosters are set.

During the 2015-2016 NHL season, DFS players had to pick two right wing and two left wing players. This year, you can choose any four wings to round up your lineup.

This year, you will be given $55,000 to draft a roster consisting of the following players: two centers, four wings, 2 defensemen and a goalie.


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