You Won’t Believe The 8 Names Washington Could Rebrand As

In these culturally sensitive times, it was perhaps inevitable and correct that the Washington Football Team lost its former name, the Redskins, due to the unfortunate connotations that named had for native Americans.

However, Tanya Snyder has recently stated, according to Adam Schefter’s podcast, that the organization is considering just eight names going forward.

They were:

  • Red Hogs
  • Defenders
  • Armada
  • Presidents
  • Brigade
  • Commanders
  • Red Wolves

Or the final option was to stick with the current placeholder name, the Washington Football Team.

It is fair to say that reaction to those eight names has been somewhat mixed on social media.

Fans Don’t Hold Back With Their Thoughts

After the news broke on Twitter, many Washington fans have given their thoughts on the names and it appears that there is one that seems to be by far the most popular with the Washington support.

That is the Red Wolves option, although a number of people have suggested that they would ideally shorten it to ‘Wolves’ or even have ‘Redwolves’ as a portmanteau word instead of two individual words.

Others have voiced their support for the Red Hogs with others suggesting Commanders or Defenders are a better option. However, there are also fans who totally disagree with the seemingly more popular suggestions and want something entirely different.

There are a smaller number of fans who have said that the current Washington Football Team name is now growing on them and that the team should retain this nickname.

Additionally, a number of fans who refuse to acknowledge the new name and are adamant that they will use the old Washington name going forward, or even stop supporting the team and switch allegiances.

Least Popular?

Of the suggestions, it appears that the least popular out of the eight possible options are the Washington Presidents and the Washington Armada.

Several fans have commented that the Presidents name just sounds false and forced, while another pointed out that being miles away from the sea means Armada is a somewhat meaningless nickname for the team.

For some fans, none of the names on the eight-strong list have encapsulated what they think the new name should be and some other suggestions mooted on Twitter over the last day or so are the Washington Generals, Washington Sentinels, Washington Warriors or Washington Justice.

Arkansas State University Precedent?

What could be interesting in this whole decision-making process is that there is another football team that changed its name in recent years due to the same reasons.

Arkansas State University’s football team had the nickname “Indians” but they changed their name to Red Wolves.

Could this be a sign of what Daniel Snyder and his top brass are thinking about in Washington?

Tricky Rebranding

What this whole process has shown is that it can be incredibly tricky rebranding a team that has such a long and established history, as well as such an evocative and instantly recognisable nickname.

So, to that end, there is one team name that has not been mentioned which keeps most of Washington’s former name, but which describes native Americans in a different and more positive light.

How about the Washington Reds Kinsmen?

It’s not perfect, but it is a hell of a lot better than the Washington Presidents or Washington Armada!

There’s still no official date on when Washington’s new name will be decided, but when it is, it seems that the Snyder’s are going to have a battle on their hands to win over their supporters, whatever new name they choose for their franchise.


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