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Texans Tame Toothless Titans – NFL Monday Morning Roundup!

Just when you think the NFL can’t give you any more surprises, it throws the biggest one of the season at you.

I did mention last week that I was tempted to place a bet on the Texans to beat the Titans. No matter the respective records of the two teams, the Texans always give the Titans a hard time but even I thought that this season, the Titans would be too strong.

So of course, the Texans went to Tennessee and came away with their second win of the season against a team that had won six straight, five against playoff teams from last season.

However, the Titans were not the only team with a strong record to taste defeat. The Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills also went down to defeat in what was a chastening week for many of these teams.

In contrast, the Ravens, Colts, Browns, Bengals, Vikings and Chiefs all picked up what could prove to be season-changing wins

Let’s take a look at how the games have finished on Week 11 so far.

NFL Results – Week Eleven So Far

  • New England Patriots (7-4) 25-0 Atlanta Falcons (4-6)
  • New Orleans Saints (5-5) 29-40 Philadelphia Eagles (5-6)
  • Miami Dolphins (4-7) 24-17 New York Jets (2-8)
  • Washington Football Team (4-6) 27-21 Carolina Panthers (5-6)
  • Indianapolis Colts (6-5) 41-15 Buffalo Bills (6-4)
  • Detroit Lions (0-9-1) 10-13 Cleveland Browns (6-5)
  • San Francisco 49ers (5-5) 30-10 Jacksonville Jaguars (2-8)
  • Houston Texans (2-8) 22-13 Tennessee Titans (8-3)
  • Green Bay Packers (8-3) 31-34 Minnesota Vikings (5-5)
  • Baltimore Ravens (7-3) 16-13 Chicago Bears (3-7)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) 32-13 Las Vegas Raiders (5-5)
  • Arizona Cardinals (9-2) 23-13 Seattle Seahawks (3-7)
  • Dallas Cowboys (7-3) 9-19 Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4-1) 37-41 Los Angeles Chargers
  • New York Giants @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Monday Night Football
  • Bye Week – Los Angeles Rams, Denver Broncos

Key Take-Aways From Sunday Night’s NFL Action

Chiefs And Patriots Stepping It Up

While some of the stronger teams in the AFC are faltering around them, the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots seem to be stepping things up. The Chiefs defeated the Dallas Cowboys this week, keeping the Cowboys from scoring a touchdown and hounding Dak Prescott all night. Patrick Mahomes and his offensive unit wasn’t at their elite best, but were still good enough to get he W.

Meanwhile, New England have now won five in a row and with the Bills loss to the Colts, New England are back on top of the AFC East. They have the Titans coming to Foxboro next week too and if they can win that game then there is a real chance that they could clinch the number 1 seed in the AFC for the playoffs.

Not too bad for a team that many felt may struggle to get out of the East and into the playoffs this season.

Could The Titans Throw Away Their Great Start?

The Titans had coped well without Derrick Henry the past couple of weeks, but on Sunday, it all fell apart against the Texans. Houston, who did very little on offense, didn’t need to as Ryan Tannehill threw four interceptions and the Titans special teams handed the ball to the Texans from a punt on their own five yard line.

The last time the Titans lost was to the Jets, a team that were 2-8 and the only team with a winning record this season to beat the Titans were the Cardinals on the opening week.

One thing is sure, with the Patriots up next week, the Titans need to get their defense firing again and their offense back up to speed, or it could well be another very uncomfortable night for Titans fans against New England.

On their day, the Titans can beat anybody. The problem is, that when they aren’t on it, they can lose to anybody too. The very best teams still find a way to win.

Vikings Could Be Flying Under The Radar In The NFC

The Minnesota Vikings moved to 5-5 in the NFC with a huge win over the Green Bay Packers in a dramatic game. Kirk Cousins threw three touchdowns as part of 341 yards of passing, 169 of which went on eight receptions and two touchdowns for Justin Jefferson.

Dalvin Cook’s return has also helped the Vikings become more balanced on offense and the win moves them into genuine contention for a Wildcard spot in the NFC.

Given how hard they have played over the last 6 weeks or so, winning tight games and losing a couple to good teams, the Vikings are shown real resilience and that could make them a very dangerous opponent if they can land a playoff spot.

The Big Winners This Week? The Arizona Cardinals

After watching the Cowboys and Packers lose and with the Rams on a bye week, the Arizona Cardinals took full advantage in the NFC with a good win over the Seahawks. Colt McCoy had arguably his best ever NFL game throwing for 328 and two touchdowns, both to Zach Ertz, as the Cardinals not only increased their advantage in the NFC West, but also took the lead in the race for the number 1 seed spot in the playoffs.

Plus they have Kyler Murray set to return some point soon, but with McCoy playing so well, he has done a fine job in Murray’s absence to keep the Cards ahead of the pack.

The Next Few Weeks Are Going To Be Crucial In The AFC

The next six or seven weeks will be the most crucial of the season in the AFC. With a staggering 12 of the 16 teams having a 0.500 or better record (just 8 have a similar record in the NFC), it will be the team that finds form over the next few weeks that can take control of their destiny and secure a playoff spot and even the top seed spot in the AFC.

Now is the time of the year you want to be hot, which is good news for the Chiefs, Patriots and Colts, but not so great for the likes of the Bills, Titans, Raiders and Steelers.

Whoever can come through the mess that is the AFC this season and reach the playoffs, should have a chance of reaching the Super Bowl, regardless of whether you are #1 seed or €7. It has been that crazy a season in the American Football Conference.

But first, you have to get there.


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