Super Bowl LV Bets

Still Got Super Bowl Fever? Let’s Look To Next Year’s Action

So Super Bowl LIV is well and truly over. And, to be honest with you, our hangovers are only just subsiding now. Super Bowls are always heavy on the celebration, and this year for us was no different. But now we’re in the cold light of day, we’re looking for the next thrill. And to us, that means next year’s big championship game along with, of course, those sweet Super Bowl LV bets.

Is there any point in spending cash on Super Bowl LV bets now?

Well that’s the most important question, isn’t it. You don’t want to waste your hard earned money on ill-informed Super Bowl LV bets. And as we know, anything can happen in the world of sports.

But hear us out. One of the best things about placing your Super Bowl LV bets now is that you make sure you get odds that just might not be open to you as the season progresses.

We admit it. It’s a risky approach to betting. But it’s also one way that you might be able to profit in a way your other peers just won’t be able to.

Most people don’t bet a year out. Buck the trend and you could be glad you did.

Plus, with some Super Bowl LV bets already in, it’ll make you even more excited for the new season to kick off.

What’s the best online sportsbook in Indiana for Super Bowl LV bets?

There are quite a few different online sportsbooks open to Hoosiers right now, which we are delighted about.

But where’s the right place for your Super Bowl LV bets? Well, one of the places we’re loving at the moment is BetRivers.

It’s got great NFL markets and, importantly for our purposes, it’s already letting customers place their Super Bowl LV bets.

Sound good to you? Then we’ll let you in on a little secret. For a brilliant sign up offer, use this BetRivers affiliate code.

What are the smart Super Bowl LV bets?

Let’s talk you through some of the teams pegged as favourites for the Super Bowl LV, in the context of their previous performances. That should help you make the smartest Super Bowl LV bets you can.

Kansas City Chiefs

Reigning champions Kansas City Chiefs are number one in the bookies’ odds to take the title again next year. And after a spectacular 31-20 win against the San Francisco 49ers, why wouldn’t they be?

But is it smart to bet that they’ll win Super Bowl LV? That’s the big question, right. Kansas City Chiefs are relatively new to the Super Bowl. In fact, they haven’t appeared in a Super Bowl since 1970. That’s 50 years out in the cold.

Another thing we should mention is that it’s pretty rare in recent years for the champion team to win consecutive years. In fact, the last time it happened was back in 2004 and 2005, when the New England Patriots won both years in a row.

Baltimore Ravens

After a fantastic season, some say it was a shame this team weren’t in the Super Bowl battle this year. However, BetRivers thinks they could well end up in pole position next year. They’ve got them as second favorite, after the Chiefs.

The Baltimore Ravens are a really solid team. They’re the only team to have played a number of Super Bowls without ever losing. They won it both in 2013 and 2001. With that kind of mythology, that’s got to make the Chiefs glad that they didn’t have to face them this time around.

San Francisco 49ers

Some see it as surprising that the Super Bowl LIV runners-up only come in as third favorite in the BetRivers odds. But after such a resounding beating by the Kansas City Chiefs, we don’t think it’s too much of a shock.

The San Francisco 49ers have a long history of success in the Super Bowl. They’ve been one of the only teams to win in consecutive years, albeit it was back in 1988 and 1989.

And they’ve won five titles in total. At the same time, their last win was way back in 1995, which to some means that even though they are NFL legends, perhaps they’re passed their best by date?

Indianapolis Colts

Okay, but what about the Hoosiers home team, the Indianapolis Colts? Do they stand a chance?

They are down as 19th favorite out of the 32 NFL teams. That means that very few people really believe that placing your Super Bowl LV bets on the Colts is a good idea.

But having said that, if they do rise to success, you could be in for a big payday.

The Colts have made four Super Bowl appearances between 1968 and 2009. In those four appearances, they’ve won twice. Their last win was in 2006 against the Chicago Bears.

So not such a long shot record, if you ask us…

We wouldn’t suggest you put a whole lot of money on them, no matter how much you love your state. But a little flutter could wind up as a nice payday if the home team is successful.

When is Super Bowl LV?

Super Bowl LV is in the calendar for 7 February, 2021. It’s going to take place in the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.


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