Preseason DFS NFL Contests are Live on DraftKings

The NFL preseason is both loved and hated by some NFL fans but preseason DFS helps us love the game more. DraftKings has contests up – what other sites currently have contests available?


The NFL preseason is both loved and hated by some NFL fans. Sure, it’s a sign that the start of the season is right around the corner but it can also be some of the least interesting football this side of the Pro Bowl. Still, we love it because it’s football and for daily fantasy sports fans, there is another reason to love it – more chances to play DFS.

DraftKings has added preseason daily fantasy sports contests before the first games kick off. So who is offering preseason daily fantasy sports and what can players expect this August and September?

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Details on Where to Play Preseason DFS

Despite daily fantasy football’s overwhelming popularity, preseason DFS contests have not traditionally been a given. In fact, FanDuel didn’t even offer them in 2015 and currently does not have any 2016 preseason contests that are live. This is a slightly surprising given that operators would have the opportunity to give DFS players a good first impression in an increasingly competitive market. But the games can be confusing to many players and others are simply not interested much in preseason football (a reflection of the relatively low prize pools available at DraftKings).

We’ll take a look at the preseason offerings available at top DFS sites as well as Week 1 availability for the regular season. There are four weeks on the NFL preseason schedule this year starting on August 11th with a single game on August 7th that is a part of some slates. Meanwhile if you are in a region that allows for it, consider placing a NFL season win total bet or two to get ready for the regular season.

DraftKings – The largest DFS site is holding a Preseason Special $40,000 guaranteed that players can buy-in for $3. There is only one other contest with a prize pool higher than $10,000, a $15k $27 buy-in contest. The site also will host a handful of $2,000 guaranteed tournaments. Preseason head to head, 50/50s, mulipliers as well as satellites and qualifiers are also available.

FanDuel – No current offerings for preseason DFS are available. Week 1 of the regular season is up, however.

Yahoo – No current offerings for preseason DFS are available.

FantasyDraft – No current offerings for preseason DFS are available.

FantasyAces – No current offerings for preseason DFS are available.

DraftPot – No current offerings for preseason DFS are available.

NFL Preseason DFS Tips

Whether you are looking to get warmed up for the start of the regular season, want to make the games more interesting or just love football, daily fantasy football in the preseason has its place. With it, however, comes an entirely new strategy.

Gone is relying stars to fill your lineup, as players are only going to play a small percentage of a full game. All players are potentially a sleeper and this presents a great chance for an extra advantage for those that do their research. Be sure to check out our full list of NFL preseason daily fantasy tips.


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