How FanDuel Daily Fantasy Football Works

There’s been an awakening; have you felt it? If you’ve watched any amount of television, listened to the radio or been on the internet over the last month, you’ve undoubtedly seen the ads from DraftKings and FanDuel – daily fantasy football has arrived.


There’s been an awakening; have you felt it? It’s the start of the NFL football season and those who play fantasy sports and DFS can hardly contain their excitement. And if you’ve watched any amount of television, listened to the radio or been on the internet over the last month, you’ve undoubtedly seen the ads from DraftKings and FanDuel – daily fantasy has arrived.

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More New Players Playing DFS

As a result of this latest influx of daily fantasy football ads, scores of new players are deciding to try it out. Many of these players don’t know how to play this new game that everybody is talking about.

So what do you need to know to get started? First of all, if you have played daily fantasy before, you can probably stop reading and head on over to our 2015 NFL Daily Fantasy Guide for a breakdown on where for you to play.

For the rest of you that want to play the game for the first time and may be a bit confused, don’t worry. If you have played season-long fantasy sports before, you’ll catch on really quickly as daily fantasy sports contests have many similarities (scoring, prize pools, starting players). If you have never played fantasy sports before, you will have a bit more of a learning curve, but you should pick it up fairly quickly.

Watch a Video on How FanDuel Works

One of the DFS sites you have probably seen ads from is at FanDuel, and they’ve released a “How it Works” video that you should watch first.

Even if you aren’t playing on FanDuel, the good news is that DFS contests are going to work essentially the same way, regardless of what site you choose.

The Very Basics of Playing on FanDuel

Instead of a season-long league that you may be used to, FanDuel’s service offers real money fantasy sports leagues for one day. In the case of FanDuel’s football contests, it actually runs week by week. There are variations you can choose, however, such as joining contests that cover a specific “slate” of games (i.e. Thursday-Monday, just Sunday, Sunday afternoon-Monday etc.).

Because of the league’s short time frame, you can play many more contests in a much shorter time frame. Your team not looking good in Week 1? Just wait until next week or even a later slate of games this week.

There are hundreds (even thousands) of games each day available to choose from — and you can enter as many as you want. Contest buy-ins at FanDuel range from $1 to upwards of $5,000. Contests are even free if you just want to try things out — although nothing beats the thrill of taking down a real money contest, even for $1.

FanDuel also offer a diverse selection of game types including tournaments, leagues, head to head, 50/50s and multipliers. It sounds complicated, but it is basically the same game at each game type with the major differences being size of the field and how the prize pool is structured.


If that’s a bit intimating at first or if you just like a bit more of friendly game, you can create a private league for you and your friends.

A Brief Summary of How FanDuel Contests Work

Once you have decided on a game type and buy-in, you will select the game you wish to join or start in the FanDuel lobby. You will select your best lineup of players that must fit under the $60,000 salary cap, based on FanDuel football scoring rules. You will be able to edit the lineup until the first contests for that slate of games begins.


Once the game starts, you’ll be able to monitor the progress of your team versus others in real time. Winners will be paid shortly after the conclusion of each game. And when it comes time to make a FanDuel withdrawal, your funds can be paid via Paypal or check.

Bottom Line – Daily Fantasy Sports is Not Hard

Playing daily fantasy sports can be intimidating at first, but it really doesn’t take much time to learn the ropes. In no time, you’ll be moving from the “how do I play this game” to “how do I make money consistently doing this?”

Stay tuned to DFSC over the next few days and weeks as we’ll be going over even more of the basics of this exciting new past time.


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