FanDuel SuperBowl Sunday Contests

FanDuel Super Bowl Contests Being Offered for the First Time

FanDuel is offering Super Bowl contests for the first time this Sunday.

FanDuel SuperBowl Sunday Contests

Daily fantasy SuperBowl contests have arrived in full force. Like DraftKings, FanDuel is offering Super Bowl contests for the first time. For players looking to enjoy a final week of DFS, these contests will be able to scratch your itch until the fall when the NFL season resumes — albeit with a variation on the structure that you are used to.

How Do FanDuel Super Bowl Contests Work?

FanDuel Super Bowl contests have the same spirit of DFS but with a structure that is simpler, at least on the surface.

Instead of drafting a lineup full of offensive positions, you will need to select a roster of five “Flex” positions. Your roster spots can fill with a combination of quarterbacks, tight ends, running backs, wide receivers and even kickers. In constructing a FanDuel Super Bowl DFS lineup, you will need to stay under a $60,000 salary cap.

Interesting, FanDuel is also mixing things up with variable points for one of the roster spots. Among the five flex positions will include a “2x Points” roster spot that will accumulate 2x the regular points — just for that player.

FanDuel Super Bowl Scoring Changes

Apart from some relatively obvious changes, FanDuel Super Bowl scoring is reimicient of FanDuel’s regular season contests.

Notably, there is no team defense roster spot, so you will not score any points for this position as it is simply not available. As mentioned, the other big change from a scoring perspective is that one of your roster spots will earn twice as many points as the other four positions.

Simply double the standard FanDuel NFL scoring tble for the player you select for this spot.

So what is FanDuel offering this Sunday?

The highlight of the FanDuel SuperBowl contest is undoubtedly the $2 million NFL Big Game Bowl. It’s a $9 buy-in tournament that is guaranteeing at least $1 million to first place.

FanDuel players can enter up to 150 lineups, which seems a bit overkill given the player pool involved in these contests. Although it will be easier for FanDuel users to field an optimal lineup due to the relative lack of players, it likely means that winning lineups will share a portion of the first place prize pool with other FanDuel users

It goes without saying but the difference between a good lineup and great lineup will be for players who pick a high scoring 2x Points player. Doing so will go a long way to making sure you succeed in this weekend’s Super Bowl contests.

In addition to the $2 million guaranteed contests, there are also some additional large Super Bowl contests including the $52 buy-in $100k Guaranteed and the $4 buy-in $100k NFL Rush contests. Players can also choose from a couple dozen guaranteed contests with prize pools over $10,000.

Like FanDuel regular season NFL contests, you will also be able to play a fair share of standard leagues, head to heads, 50/50s and multiplier contests.

For players looking for a free way to enjoy the Super Bowl, check out the FanDuel Big Game Bingo. The format is nothing like DFS but looks to be a great way to have some additional fun during the game – with a chance to win prices.


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