A Look at DraftKings FlashDraft

DraftKings Flash Draft Allows Players To Play Fantasy Sports DURING The Game

DraftKings newest game type, Flash Draft is coming to the DFS site this November.

A Look at DraftKings FlashDraft

First there were season-long fantasy sports, then daily fantasy sports, now in-game fantasy sports. That’s the concept behind DraftKings’s new Flash Draft contests, which will be coming to DraftKings by the middle of the upcoming football season.

One “drawback” of daily fantasy sports is that once the games start, the strategy is over — you are left with nothing to do except watch the games and your contests.

With sports betting, In-Play betting is becoming increasingly popular and with betting in sports quickly expanding in the United States, it seems only natural to expand to DFS. With DraftKings Flashdraft you are able to draft for additional contests while watching the game, adding yet another layer to the fun that makes daily fantasy sports so exciting.

Not only do these contests allow an extra way to feel part of the game, but you can use what you know about the game that you see with your own eyes to make your drafting decisions.

Flash Draft is not yet live, but fortunately, DraftKings is gearing up players with details in anticipation of the launch around Week 8.

What is FlashDraft?

In short, Flash Draft contests are fast-drafting contests available during a single game — or more specifically, in between quarters. When playing these contests, a DraftKings user will draft the players who they believe will score the most points during the next quarter or half.

At launch, FlashDraft will be limited to the NFL.

Playing Flash Draft

Draftkings users on the DraftKings mobile app, will be able to enter contests throughout the game with new contests opening up between quarters.

For the NFL, Flash Draft contests will be available for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter as well as the second half of NFL games. Flash Draft contests will become available 30 seconds after the completion of a quarter or half. Think of each of these quarters as “slates,” with points accumulated only during the designated quarter or half of the contest.

Need an example? The first quarter has ended during an NFL game. Within 30 seconds, DraftKings will open up Flash Draft contests for users to enter. Your goal will be to draft players who earn the most points during the second quarter.

FlashDraft contests are designed to be quick by nature. The drafts will consist of five rounds, and during each round you will be given 15 seconds to select a player — out of three — that you believe will score the most points.

Each user that has entered a Flash Draft contest will be drafting at the same time and will select from the same pool of players. Given the pick’em nature of these games and the fact that each round features only three players to choose from, there will be a significant overlap on rosters.

Flashdraft for non-pros?

It may not be apparent on first glance, but these contests seem to cater to the recreational DFS player.

FlashDraft puts a focus on fun and engagement with these games. The fast-paced nature of the drafting and a limited pool of players appears to level the playing field between users to some extent. If anything, one can see how DraftKings users that are actually watching the game may be able to get a leg up — and that plays right into what DraftKings undoubtedly wants from these games.

Once the quarter has begun, users can sit back and watch their roster of players climb up the leaderboard. A guaranteed prize will be posted for each contest — and paid no matter what — with larger “bonus” prizes available when additional players enter.

At this point, Flash Draft contests seem to focus on larger entry fields, but it’s easy to see how these games could be expanded for head to head and other types of contests. But this could ultimately depend on how popular these games become, which will also likely be a factor for expansion into other sports.

By now you’ve probably figured out these contests cater to the “on the go” type of DFS user. For this reason, DraftKings Flash Draft contests will only be available through mobile through the DraftKings app.


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