BestBetUSA NFL Power Rankings – Week Four

Last week we saw a number of changes in the first top ten of the season, but the top two remained unaltered from the opening week. However, there could be a big change afoot in our rankings this week as both the Bucs and the Chiefs went down to defeats this weekend.

For the Chiefs, that was a second loss in a row and their first at home since 2019. Five teams remain with 100% unbeaten records, and all have made it into this week’s top ten, while there are also five that are yet to pick up a win of any kind this season and unsurprisingly, they take the last five places on the list.

Let’s start by recapping last week’s results in the NFL.

NFL Week Three ResultsCollege Football 2021 betting props

  • Carolina Panthers (3-0) 24-9 Houston Texans (1-2)
  • Indianapolis Colts (0-3) 16-25 Tennessee Titans (2-1)
  • Atlanta Falcons (1-2) 17-14 New York Giants (0-3)
  • Los Angeles Chargers (2-1) 30-24 Kansas City Chiefs (1-2)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) 24-10 Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2)
  • Chicago Bears (1-2) 6-26 Cleveland Browns (2-1)
  • Baltimore Ravens (2-1) 19-17 Detroit Lions (0-3)
  • New Orleans Saints (2-1) 28-13 New England Patriots (1-2)
  • Arizona Cardinals (3-0) 31-19 Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3)
  • Washington Football Team (1-2) 21-43 Buffalo Bills (2-1)
  • New York Jets (0-3) 0-26 Denver Broncos (3-0)
  • Miami Dolphins (1-2) 28-31 Las Vegas Raiders (3-0)
  • Seattle Seahawks (1-2) 17-30 Minnesota Vikings (1-2)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) 24-34 Los Angeles Rams (3-0)
  • Green Bay Packers (2-1) 30-28 San Francisco 49ers (2-1)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) 21-41 Dallas Cowboys (2-1)

There were a number of notable performances this week, especially the Rams putting in a sublime display to beat the Buccaneers, while the Kansas City Chiefs woes continued with a home defeat against the impressive Chargers.

Carolina, Denver, Las Vegas and Arizona joined the Rams on a perfect 3-0 record, while a number of other teams continued improving after week one defeats with big wins for the Titans, Bills, Packers and Cowboys.

Special mention too for Cincinnati, who surprised many people with a richly deserved win over the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field, which keeps them atop the AFC North and leaves the Steelers bottom of their conference.

So, will defeats for the top two ranked teams from the first two weeks of the season affect the rankings this week? Let’s take a look and find out (last week’s ranking shown in brackets).

BBUSA – Power Rankings Week 4 – Top 10

  1. Los Angeles Rams (3) – 3-0

There’s a new team atop the rankings ahead of Week 4, after a dominant display against the Buccaneers on both offense and defense, the Rams defeated last year’s Superbowl Champions in confident fashion and with Matt Stafford throwing lasers, could this be the start of a new era for the once ‘Greatest Show on Turf”? They’ll need a Super Bowl or two to live up to those standards but things are looking promising.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1) – 2-1

The Bucs long unbeaten record may have gone, but it is no disgrace losing to the Rams on the road. Tom Brady and co kept the Bucs competitive in the game, but on the day the Rams proved to be too strong. Don’t go cold on the Bucs just yet though. This is still a fantastic football team and when it comes to playoff football, then things may well be different in these crucial match ups.

  1. Arizona Cardinals (6) – 3-0

No team has surprised me more with how well they have played across the opening three2021 College Football Week 0 Betting Picks weeks than the Cardinals. Kyler Murray seems to have taken a big step forward this season and with fantastic weapons at his disposal, the Cardinals are looking very strong in a very tough division. They were helped by some crazy play calling against the Jags, but across the three games this season, they deserve this lofty spot.

  1. Buffalo Bills (7) – 2-1

After their opening weekend loss to the Steelers, I was a little cool on the Bills, however Josh Allen and company have allayed any fears that they won’t be fierce competitors in the AFC this season with two outstanding performances in consecutive weeks. They’ll win the AFC East and could well be the team to beat in that conference, although there are some others that could make that claim.

  1. Las Vegas Raiders (9) – 3-0

It was a long time ago that John Gruden coaches the Bucs to their first Super Bowl win, but is he starting to show that same magic with the franchise he beat in that final? Three wins against three good opponents has the Raiders atop of the AFC West. They do ship a lot of points, but in Derek Carr and Darren Waller they have two players that can win them those crucial tight games.

  1. Denver Broncos (10) – 3-0

To be truthful, the Broncos and Raiders could have been 5/6 or 6/5 as I think both teams have started the season very well. Teddy Bridgewater is doing a fine job with the Broncos offense and the Broncos defense is doing what it usually does, keeping teams from scoring touchdowns. That is a great combination to have heading into a much tougher run of games. It is just the teams that Denver has beaten (Giants, Jags and Jets) that keeps them below the Raiders here.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (7) – 2-1

The Ravens could easily be 3-0, or they could easily be 0-3. So a 2-1 start is not too bad. Their resilience is key here and they still have a big difference maker in Lamar Jackson. The return of two wide-receivers this week should help Jackson in the passing game and he may need it as he comes up against the six ranked Broncos this weekend in what should be a cracking game between the two.

  1. Carolina Panthers (13) – 3-0

Ok Panthers fans, I admit it, you probably should be higher in this list. But Christian McCaffrey has gone down, again, and we don’t know how long he will be about. Sam Darnold is doing well enough but with your key offensive weapon out indefinitely, even a relatively benign run of games has me wondering if they can keep this record going much longer.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (2) – 1-2

Well, well, well. What a fall from grace for the Chiefs. From being genuine top spot contenders at the start of the season, are we seeing the Chiefs hit a wall. They barely beat the Browns on Week One and the Ravens and Chargers managed to limit the effectiveness of their offense in their two defeats since, something that has not happened, other than against the Bucs in the Super Bowl. They aren’t dead in the water yet, but it is cause for concern at Arrowhead.

  1. Cleveland Browns (8) – 2-1

Sure wins against the Texans and Bears are nothing to get too excited about, but the Browns seem to have Odell Beckham Jr. back and producing his wonderful catches again. Add to that a fantastic running game, a quality QB and a decent defense and I think this team has potential to climb the rankings further this season.

BBUSA – Power Rankings Week 4 – 11-32

  1. Green Bay Packers (15) – 2-1

    Courtesy Wikimedia Commons CC BY SA 3.0
  2. Dallas Cowboys (14) – 2-1
  3. San Francisco 49ers (5) – 2-1
  4. Los Angeles Chargers (19) – 2-1
  5. New Orleans Saints (16) – 2-1
  6. Tennessee Titans (17) – 2-1
  7. Cincinnati Bengals (25) – 2-1
  8. Seattle Seahawks (11) – 1-2
  9. New England Patriots (18) – 1-2
  10. Miami Dolphins (20) – 1-2
  11. Chicago Bears (21) – 1-2
  12. Minnesota Vikings (27) – 1-2
  13. Washington Football Team (22) – 1-2
  14. Philadelphia Eagles (24) – 1-2
  15. Atlanta Falcons (28) – 1-2
  16. Pittsburgh Steelers (12) – 1-2
  17. Houston Texans (26) – 1-2
  18. Indianapolis Colts (23) – 0-3
  19. New York Giants (29) – 0-3
  20. Detroit Lions (30) – 0-3
  21. New York Jets (31) – 0-3
  22. Jacksonville Jaguars (32) – 0-3

It is strange to see the Colts down amongst the teams at the bottom of this list but that 0-3 start has been a real blow to their playoff hopes. The big movers this week were of course the Rams, but we have also see the Cardinals, Broncos, Raiders, Panthers and Bills make significant moves, while a number of teams like the Packers, Cowboys, 49ers, Chargers, Saints, Bengals and Titans all are close to making it into the top ten.

Other teams making big drops down the rankings include the 49ers, Steelers and Seahawks. It is going to be interesting to see how these teams bounce back.

Join me next week when we review the Week Four results and update our rankings accordingly.


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