BBUSA NFL Power Rankings – Week Twelve

The biggest surprise results in the NFL this week was the Colts dismantling of the Buffalo Bills by a 41-15 scoreline, the Vikings edging out the Packers in what was a cracking game in the NFC North and perhaps most shockingly of all, the Tennessee Titans, our top seed last week, losing at home to the Houston Texans, who we’d ranked as one of the bottom two teams for almost all this season.

Now I know that on any given Sunday, results like this can happen, but doesn’t it just seem that this year, as soon as one team looks like they are going to take control of a division or a conference, then they throw in an awful performance that makes you wonder just how good, or bad, they are.

Whilst teams like the Titans and Bills seem to have gone cold at the worst possible time, we are seeing other teams like the Colts, Chiefs and most impressively of all, the Patriots starting to hit form at the right time, which bodes well for the remaining weeks of the season.

Let’s check out the results this week in full below, before we give you our power rankings for this week.

NFL Week Eleven Results

  • New England Patriots (7-4) 25-0 Atlanta Falcons (4-6)
  • New Orleans Saints (5-5) 29-40 Philadelphia Eagles (5-6)
  • Miami Dolphins (4-7) 24-17 New York Jets (2-8)
  • Washington Football Team (4-6) 27-21 Carolina Panthers (5-6)
  • Indianapolis Colts (6-5) 41-15 Buffalo Bills (6-4)
  • Detroit Lions (0-9-1) 10-13 Cleveland Browns (6-5)
  • San Francisco 49ers (5-5) 30-10 Jacksonville Jaguars (2-8)
  • Houston Texans (2-8) 22-13 Tennessee Titans (8-3)
  • Green Bay Packers (8-3) 31-34 Minnesota Vikings (5-5)
  • Baltimore Ravens (7-3) 16-13 Chicago Bears (3-7)
  • Cincinnati Bengals (6-4) 32-13 Las Vegas Raiders (5-5)
  • Arizona Cardinals (9-2) 23-13 Seattle Seahawks (3-7)
  • Dallas Cowboys (7-3) 9-19 Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4-1) 37-41 Los Angeles Chargers
  • New York Giants (3-7) 10-30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3)
  • Bye Week – Los Angeles Rams, Denver Broncos

The Texans win over the Titans was arguably the biggest surprise this week, I say arguably as whenever these teams play, the Texans always give the Titans are very hard time and I had mentioned that in another article last week. Even so, the injury situation in Tennessee makes me worry that the Titans are going to struggle over the remaining weeks of the season.

Other surprise winners included the Eagles, Colts, Washington and Vikings, with the Colts and Vikings perhaps providing us with the best performances from that quartet of teams.

Notable wins also this week came for the Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers, Ravens and Bucs, all of which keep them very much involved with things in their respective divisions and conferences.

So how have this week’s results impacted upon the power rankings this week? Well as you would expect, there’s plenty of change in positions in the top ten, if not necessarily the teams in that group.

BBUSA Power Rankings Week 11 – Top 10

  1. Arizona Cardinals (3) – 9-2

Colt McCoy came in and did a superb job in place of the injured Kyler Murray and in taking the Cardinals to their ninth win of the season, he also lifted the team back up to top spot in the rankings. The Cardinals have been the best team this season in terms of consistency and regular performances and for me, they look a sure thing to be the top seed in the NFC after week 17.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5) – 7-3

The Bucs got back on track with a very comfortable victory over the New York Giants on Monday night. A very solid defensive display was the foundation for their victory and with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski reunited, this looked much more like the Buccaneers that held aloft the Lombardi Trophy on home soil last season. That’ll be a worry for the other teams in the NFL.

  1. Green Bay Packers (2) – 8-3

The Packers weren’t well beaten by the Vikings, but I did call it when Aaron Rodgers hit the go-ahead touchdown for the Packers with over two minutes left on the clock. I said that he may have scored too soon and that proved to be the case. This is just a blip for the Packers, they’ll be there in the playoffs and will likely go deep, especially if they can get home advantage in those key early rounds.

  1. New England Patriots (9) – 7-4

After bobbing around in the lower reaches of the rankings for the first six weeks of the season, the Patriots inspired form, now five wins in a row, makes them the hottest team in the NFL right now. Their success is built on a suffocating defense and an offense that is being led superbly well by Rookie Mac Jones. Suddenly that decision to cut Cam Newton loose looks a very good one, doesn’t it Pats fans?

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (8) – 7-4

While the Chiefs offense wasn’t as potent against the Cowboys as they had been in the previous week against the Raiders, this was a significant win. Not only does it put Kansas City clear at the top of the AFC West, but it also puts them in with a very real chance of being top spot in the Playoffs. Getting hot at the right time is key and it looks like Andy Reid’s team have done precisely that.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (7) – 7-3

A narrow win over the Bears may not sound like much, but to do that without Lamar Jackson at quarterback is a big thing for the Ravens. There’s no doubt that without Jackson, this team is a greatly diminished offensive threat, but if they can rely on their defense to keep them in games, as the great old Ravens teams of the past did, then they can cope without him. For a short time at least.

  1. Dallas Cowboys (4) – 7-3

The Cowboys may have lost to the Chiefs, but what will worry their fans more is the way the Chiefs managed to get after Dak Prescott and hold the much-vaunted Cowboys offense to just three field goals. The Cowboys badly need their offensive line to step up and to get some of their weapons on offense back to help out Prescott. They’ll be fine for the playoffs, but they will need their key men in the bigger games ahead.

  1. Tennessee Titans (1) – 8-3

Ask any Titans fan what would be worse than losing to a very poor divisional rival when you have a chance to take control of the AFC playoff seedings race, and perhaps they would say getting ready to face an in form New England Patriots without your three best offensive weapons being available and your quarterback coming off a week where they threw four interceptions. The Titans have lost to the Jets and Texans this season. That’s and their injuries could see them drop like a stone.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (10) – 7-3

The Rams didn’t play this week but on the back of the Bills loss, they have climbed a spot in the rankings. Sean McVay will have had time to digest his teams two recent losses and with a week to get players healthy I am expecting them to put on a strong display in a crucial NFC game this week against the Packers on Sunday.

  1. Buffalo Bills (6) (6-4)

The Bills, like the Titans, are a team that goes from the sublime to the ridiculously bad. In amongst some of the hammerings the Bills have handed out this season, there have been some awful defeats and this past weekend’s thrashing by the Colts was the latest in a series of worrying results. Now trailing New England in the AFC East, the Bills need to regroup and fast as if they don’t, they could miss out on the playoffs altogether.

BBUSA Power Rankings Week 11 – 11 to 32

  1. Los Angeles Chargers (12) – 6-4
  2. Indianapolis Colts (16) – 6-5
  3. Cincinnati Bengals (20) – 6-4
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers (11) – 5-4-1
  5. Minnesota Vikings (15) – 5-5
  6. San Francisco 49ers (18) – 5-5
  7. New Orleans Saints (13) – 5-5
  8. Philadelphia Eagles (23) – 5-6
  9. Cleveland Browns (20) – 6-5
  10. Las Vegas Raiders (17) – 5-5
  11. Carolina Panthers (14) – 5-6
  12. Denver Broncos (21) – 5-5
  13. Washington Football Team (25) – 4-6
  14. Atlanta Falcons (22) – 4-6
  15. New York Giants (24) – 3-7
  16. Seattle Seahawks (26) – 3-7
  17. Miami Dolphins (28) – 4-7
  18. Chicago Bears (27) – 3-7
  19. Jacksonville Jaguars (29) – 2-7
  20. New York Jets (30) – 2-8
  21. Houston Texans (32) – 2-8
  22. Detroit Lions (31) – 0-8-1

Big movers this week included the Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts, who both made significant moves towards the top ten with important wins this week, especially with other teams in their conference results going as they did. The Chargers are also very close to the top ten and I almost had them replacing the Bills after their win over the Steelers.

The Eagles have moved up in the rankings, while there were also small moves for Washington and the Miami Dolphins, while I could not keep Houston bottom of the pile after they landed that big win over the Titans this week, so sorry Detroit fans, you are back at the bottom despite a good battle against the Browns.

Thanksgiving week sees a trio of games on Thursday of which the Cowboys against the Raiders and the Saints taking on the Bills are the most intriguing games. However, Sunday promises some fantastic action with the Patriots taking on the Titans, Bengals versus the Steelers, the Colts facing the Buccaneers, the 49ers battling the Vikings, the Packers taking on the Rams and the Ravens facing the Browns.

That is a high-profile list of games and I for one can’t wait for Week 12 to start.


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