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Oladipo And Vucevic Top The NBA Trade Deadline Day Deals

The NBA Trade Deadline has now passed and there was as much news about the players that didn’t make an expected move away from their current clubs, as there was for those that did trade clubs in a number of dizzying deals.

Two big names that didn’t eventually move on were the Toronto Raptors star Kyle Lowry, who will instead see the remainder of his contract out in Toronto before making a decision on his future in the off-season.

The New Orleans star Lonzo Ball was another strongly linked with a move away from the Pelicans, but instead he will be remaining in Louisiana to see out the rest of his contract this year before testing the free agent market in the summer.

However, despite these two big name players not making a move, there were a number of intriguing deals that did go through before the deadline.

Oladipo Rockets Out Of Houston To Feel The Heat

Miami Heat offered the Houston Rockets Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk and 2022 swap rights (Nets pick) for the Rockets shooting guard Victor Oladipo and it was a deal that the rebuilding Rockets could not turn down.

After moving to Houston from the Indiana Pacers in January, as part of the deal that took James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets, Oladipo’s form for the Rocket’s hadn’t been quite as they had expected.

Oladipo had also turned down the offer of a two-year contract from the Rockets which likely played a key role in the Rockets agreeing to move the player on.

It was a busy day for the Miami Heat as they also snapped up Nemanja Bjelica from the Sacramento Kings with Moe Harkless and Chris Silva heading in the opposite direction.

Chicago Bulls Land Nikola Vucevic In Magic Deal

The Chicago Bulls have made a significant upgrade to their roster by the signing of All-Star center Nikola Vucevic from the Orlando Magic. The powerful star is under contract for two-years in what looks like being a fine deal for the Bulls, who also landed Al Farouq Aminu as part of the deal.

In return, the rebuilding Orlando Magic received young center Wendell Carter Jr, Otto Porter and two first round picks which are certainly going to be extremely useful in their rebuilding process. This is a good example of a win-win deal for everyone involved, with Vucevic joining a team in which he can make a big contribution and the Magic getting young players and draft picks to help them rebuild.

Rebuilding In Orlando Continues With Gordon Trade to Denver Nuggets

Aaron Gordon had been making noises about moving on from the Orlando Magic earlier this week and he has got his wish. The Magic traded Gordon, along with Gary Clark to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Gary Harris, RJ Hampton and a first round draft pick.

The move is a fantastic one for Denver who now look like the complete team with Gordon alongside the likes of Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. Orlando get a solid youngster in Hampton and another first round pick.

The Magic also traded away Evan Fournier to the Boston Celtics, rather than risk losing him for nothing this summer, with the Celtics offering the Florida-based team two second round picks for their player.

Lots Of Other Trades On A Busy Day For Teams

Other deals on the day included the Toronto Raptors Norman Powell being traded to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for Gary Trent Jr and Rodney Hood.

There was also a three-team trade which saw the Philadelphia 76ers claim George Hill, the New York Knicks land Terrance Ferguson while Oklahoma City receive Austin Rivers, Toney Bradley and two second-round picks.

The Los Angeles Clippers moved for Atlanta Hawks Rajon Rondo with the Hawks getting Lou Williams in exchange.

Other deals saw the Dallas Mavericks land J.J.Redick and Nicolo Melli from the New Orleans Pelicans, with the Pelicans landing James Johnson, a nice chunk of cash and the Mavericks 2021 second-round pick in exchange.

We also saw another triple-team trade deal with the Chicago Bulls landing Daniel Theis, Troy Brown, Javonte Green plus cash from both Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics.

In exchange the Wizards received Daniel Gifford and Chandler Hutchinson, while the Celtics landed Moritz Wagner and Luke Kornet.

Lastly, we saw the Denver Nuggets land Javale McGee from the Cleveland Cavaliers, with Isaiah Hartenstein plus a protected second round pick (through 46) and an unprotected 2027 second round pick heading to the Cavs.

It remains to be seen whether these trade deals are the final piece of the jigsaw for some teams that see them make the push for the playoffs successfully, or whether they fall a little flat. For others, it is a chance to stockpile draft picks (as the Orlando Magic have done most notably) ahead of a big rebuild.

It is going to be interesting to see how these deals affect teams over the remainder of the regular season and beyond.

*Featured Image Courtesy of Keith Allison : CC BY S.A 2.0


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