FantasyDraft Gaunlet

Details on the FantasyDraft 2017 NBA Gauntlet Series

It’s not too late to participate in the FantasyDraft NBA Gauntlet Series running until March 15th, which will qualify two players for all expense paid trip to Charlotte

FantasyDraft Gaunlet

FantasyDraft is qualifying two players to receive an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Charlotte, NC. To qualify for this event, you will need to be one of two players to earn the most points in the 2017 NBA Gauntlet series running from February 6th until March 15th.

If you plan on playing a lot of daily fantasy basketball over the next month, consider FantasyDraft. With a smaller player pool than other popular DFS sites, you just might have a decent chance to win a special prize.

What is the 2017 NBA Gauntlet Series?

The NBA FantasyDraft Gauntlet Series is essentially a leaderboard for participation and performance in contests labeled as “NBA Gauntlet,” which run every day.

The two players you earn the most points from February 6th until March 15th, will receive an all-expense paid trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. While you are in Charlotte, you will get to take in court side seats at a Hornets game as well as a round of golf either at Trump National or the Peninsula Country Club. The trip for two will include airfare, hotel, ground transfers, meals and transportation to your round of golf.

Winners will either be able to choose a game on March 31st or April 8th. The first place finisher will get their choice of game.

You can buy-in directly to the single entry Gauntlet contests or enter through satellites and qualifiers starting at $5. Find the contests in the lobby:

FantasyDraft lobby

How to Earn Points in the FantasyDraft Gauntlet NBA Series

You can earn points in FantasyDraft Gauntlet NBA Series leaderboard in the following ways:

  • Earn points for every entry you make into single-entry Gauntlet contests
  • You will earn two points for each thousand dollars you win and one point if you don’t will anything

You will be able to find the specific number of points you can earn for each contest, in the payout area of the individual contests as seen below.

FantasyDraft Gauntlet Series

Players can find their position on the leaderboard each day, which is updated every day at noon ET.


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