NBA West Coast Hoops on DraftKings

DraftKings West Coast Hoops Highlights Latest NBA Slates

DraftKings recently introduced West Coast Hoops hopes to attract daily fantasy basketball users to the site’s latter NBA slates.

NBA West Coast Hoops on DraftKings

Now that the NFL daily fantasy sports season is over, DraftKings is putting a renewed focus on bringing players to other sports. Recently, DraftKings introduced “West Coast Hoops,” an effort to draw attention to DraftKings later NBA slates.

DraftKings says these contests promise to provide “Big Scores and Big Prizes.” The later slates have been particularly popular for NFL contests and DraftKings hopes that the success translates to other sports.

What are West Coast Hoops

DraftKings West Hoops are contests from the latest games of the night with a name that was adopted due to the fact latest games generally occur on the west coast. Specifically, these contests that are defined as consisting of games that start at 10 PM ET or later (or 7 PM PT).

West Coast Hoops isn’t available every night, but you should be able to play the contests at least a couple times a week. The contests run when at least two west coast games are running with home games from the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trailblazers, Sacramento Kings and Utah Jazz.

When it runs, the featured contest of West Coast Hoops will be a $100,000 guaranteed event.

The Appeal of West Coast Hoops

West Coast Hoops will usually only consist of two or three games within the slate, so what is the appeal of these contests that is getting more attention from DraftKings?

In addition to providing players with another opportunity to play DFS, argubly the best part of a late slate is that you can overcome some of your losses from an earlier or main slate — redeem yourself, if you will.

If you entered contests earlier in the evening, the later slates allow DFS players a chance to enter more contests before the night is over, and maybe get some last minute fun and winnings back as you look forward to the next day. These contests especially makes things interesting should you watch or follow the games from later in the evening.

Unlike some of DraftKings new games, there is nothing particularly new about these games. They use the same scoring, rosters and rules and don’t really differ much from the late slate games that existed prior to the introduction of West Coast Hoops.

Still, DraftKings is calling more attention to these games and with these efforts hopes that more players will join these contests in which is generally a considered a relatively slow time of the year for DFS.

For those who prefer the main slates, these contests will continue to have later games within the slates.


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