World Fantasy Pools Bonus

How To Play At World Fantasy Pools

Here’s what you need to know in order to play the survivor-based contests at World Fantasy Pools, one of the world’s newest DFS sites.

World Fantasy Pools Bonus

One of the newest daily fantasy sports sites offers an entirely new take on DFS. The site is World Fantasy Pools and its survival-based format gives DFS aficionados a new way to enjoy their favorite sports.

The basics of World Fantasy Pools

Unlike standard DFS contests where you fill a lineup and hope to score more points than your opponents, at World Fantasy Pools, your goal is to simply meet the goal and survive through all rounds. If you are one of the last survivors you will share the prize pool.

The “stat line” goal will be different depending on the contest you enter, but the stat lines requirements to advance to the next round will generally increase the more rounds you advance. Rounds occur over different slates, so one negative of these contests is that a winner is not determined in one day. NBA and MLB contests will spread out over days while NFL contests will spread out over weeks. On the flip side, users will get more bang for their buck in enjoyment from World Fantasy Pools contests.

Payouts will vary depending on whether you are playing a real money contest or a freeroll. Contests with a real-money buy-in will pay you out in earlier rounds with the entire prize pool if you are the only remaining user left. In freeroll contests, a user must not only make it to the final round but also complete the stat achievement for the final round.

Consider all rounds when you make your picks

It’s important to ensure that you are selecting players wisely for each round. World Fantasy Pools users who enter a contest will only be able to select a single player once per contest. So if you use Lebron James for the first round, you won’t be able to use him for the rest of the contest. You must advance to the final round and meet the stat achievement to win a portion of the prize pool.

Do you use a strategy with more obvious picks, making you more likely to share the prize pool or do you go with the less-sure thing to maximize your chances of getting a bigger payout at the end? These are considerations you will need to make before the first round.

You will be able to add and edit your selections up until the lock time of the round. This is helpful to make sure to avoid injuries and late scratches.

You will be eliminated once you fail to meet the stat line for a given round.

Try World Fantasy Pools freerolls

If you’d like to try out the World Fantasy Pools, a good place to start is the weekly freeroll challenges. These contests have prizes of $25-$50 and allow you to play the games and learn how they work without risking any of your own money. There no traditional World Fantasy Pools bonus but if you enter some of these contests, you can quickly increase your balance with this free money.

Here’s how a free NBA contest looks with all five rounds filled in:

World Fantasy Pools Round


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