FanDuel MLB Scoring Changes for 2017

FanDuel Implements MLB Scoring Changes for 2017 Season

Daily fantasy baseball players on FanDuel will need to adjust their projections during the 2017 season after a couple new stat changes at FanDuel.

FanDuel MLB Scoring Changes for 2017

The weather is warming and the fresh smell of green grass will begin to fill northern baseball parks. On April 2nd, the 2017 Major League Baseball season will begin and be the start of seven months of daily fantasy baseball for fans to enjoy.

As you start to get your projections together for the season, you should be aware of minor changes to FanDuel MLB scoring this year. Fortunately, the updates will not drastically affect lineups but you will definitely need to account for the changes.

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The 2017 FanDuel MLB Scoring Schedule

For the most part, FanDuel MLB scoring remains the same from last year with two big exceptions. For 2017, FanDuel is lowering the number of points for a pitcher win. In its place, FanDuel is adding four points for a quality start, which is earned whenever a pitcher pitches at least six complete innings and gives up three or fewer runs.

Hitter stats will be unchanged from last year:

WSOP Main Event Day 3 Chip Leaders (start of day Thursday)
1Artan Dedusha680,000
2Lawrence Bayler618,000
3Mickey Craft508,100
4Richard Gryko564,800
5Michael Krasienko561,300
6Marcin Chmielewski561,000
7Scott Anderson560,000
8Sergio Castelluccio548,500
9Sonny Franco546,700
10Michael Sklenicka540,600

Besides the stat changes for pitches, all other FanDuel MLB rules from last year appear to be staying in place. We will keep you updated on if anything changes.

Reaction to the Changes

Reaction to FanDuel’s new baseball rules generally appear to be positive. Many had previously complained about the value of pitches in relation to hitters. Relatively speaking, a win can often be a lucky occurrence, especially in the case of wins from relief pitchers or when both the game is high scoring.

Adding a quality start to the mix will award the good (but unlucky) performances that are frustrating to many daily fantasy baseball fans.

To give players an idea of the impact that this will have on pitchers, Seth Yates broke down on Rotogrinders how these changes would affect the “luckiest” and “unluckiest” players last season.


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