FanDuel Makes Minor MLB Scoring Changes

FanDuel today announced that they are making some minor tweaks effective April 27th. RBIs are now worth 3.5 points while Runs will now be worth 3.5 points.


Before the MLB season began, FanDuel drastically changed their scoring rules for the site’s baseball contests. FanDuel today announced that they are making additional minor tweaks effective April 27th. FanDuel is giving players advance notice of the changes so they can become familiar to the changes before the implemented.

A full statement can be found at FanDuel Newsroom. The message is also displayed at the top of the FanDuel lobby to ensure that players know about the changes before they begin building lineups on April 27th.

Specifics of the FanDuel MLB Scoring Changes

The changes, which affect RBIs and Runs, will result in “substantially fewer ties” according to FanDuel.

The changes effective April 27th will be as follows:

–RBIs will now be worth 3.5 points, instead of the previous 3 Points
–Runs will now be worth 3.2 points, instead of the previous 3 Points.

Player Reaction

Since the changes were apparently based on player input, it’s no surprise that the overall opinion of the changes has been positive. Ties have been seen as a big problem from some players and having fractional points addresses the issue in a meaningful way.

On the flip side, some players have voiced frustration on the increased benefits of RBIs and runs as well as stacking lineups.

FanDuel’s Ongoing Effort to Improve Player Experience

FanDuel maintains that the changes made before the season and on April 27th result in a better overall experience for players.

Before the season began, FanDuel upped the number of points earned for many hitting stats by a factor of 3, significantly increasing the number of total points earned in its daily fantasy baseball contests. When the changes were made, negative hitting stats were also removed (for caught stealing, for example).

After the changes, full FanDuel DFS scoring is now based on the schedule listed below. Full rules and scoring can be found on our FanDuel scoring and rules page.

Hitter Stats:

Single: 3 Points
Double: 6 Points
Triple: 9 Points
Home Run: 12 Points
Run Batted In: 3.5 Points
Run Scored: 3.2 Points
Bases on Balls: 3 Points
Stolen Base: 6 Points
Hit By Pitch: 3 Points

Pitching Stats:

Win: 12 Points
Earned Run: -3 Points
Strike Out: 3 Points
Inning Pitched: 3 Point (with fractional scoring per out)


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