Japanese Baseball at DraftKings

DraftKings Adds Japanese Baseball Contests

A look at DraftKings new Japanese baseball contests and how users can receive a $10 free ticket for a limited time.

Japanese Baseball at DraftKings

For the last few weeks, Korean Baseball has been the only option for DraftKings users who want to play daily fantasy baseball. Hopefully, baseball fans soon have the option to play Major League Baseball contests, but for now international baseball it is. And now DraftKings has introduced a new league to its contest slate – Japanese baseball.

And for a limited time to celebrate the introduction of this new league, DraftKings is giving its users a chance to earn a little extra when trying these new contests out. From June 19th to June 25th, users who play Japanese baseball contests at DraftKings will receive a free $10 ticket when playing $50 of these contests. Best of all, the $10 ticket can be used on any baseball league, including the MLB when it returns.

DraftKings Japanese baseball contests

The new Japanese baseball contests can be found under the “MLB” tab at the DraftKings DFS website or app. Japanese baseball contests are listed as “NPB,” which is short for Nippon Professional Baseball to those that aren’t familiar. Korean baseball contests currently dominate the lobby so you may want to locate the contests using the search bar. As a new league added to DraftKings, there is not an abundance of contests at the moments, but there is some surprisingly large prize pools available.

DraftKings is offering contests up to $10,000 guaranteed and many other contests with smaller prize pools. In addition, 50/50s and Double-Ups are also part of the contest selection choices for users. There are no Head to Head contests listed at the time of this writing.

DraftKings NPB Japenese basetball rules

At present time, all of the contests are in the “Short Slate” contest game style. Short slate contests generally encompass a narrow range of the league’s games for the day. The objective in these contests is for users to create a 7-player lineup while staying under a $50,000 salary cap. If you are one of the users that scores the most points under the contest’s prize pool, you win a cash prize.

Points for MLB Short Slate contests are earned in the following manner:

1Quek Sechariah Sheng$481,000
2Peter Jetten$325,000
3Paul Phua$221,000
4Kenneth Kee$167,960
5Chan Wai Leong$127,400
6Gabe Patgorski$100,100
7Daniel Dvoress$79,300
8Rui Cao$62,400

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