DraftKings Hosting Massive Million-Dollar MLB Contests

DraftKings will hold a pair of Major League Baseball daily fantasy contests that will guarantee a million dollars each.

baseballDraftKings is upping the ante for daily fantasy baseball contests this spring, with two contests that will guarantee a prize pool of a million dollars each.

The more expensive buy-in contest takes place on May 22. You can enter that contest for $300. First place will receive $100,000. You can find the contest here.

The second comes a few days later, on May 26. That is a more accessible contest for the majority of DFS players, with a buy-in of just $27. Here is the link to that contest.

Neither contest is very close to filling up, yet; they are both more than a week away. But you may want to reserve your entry before the days of the contests, if you want to be assured of playing. It seems likely that both will fill eventually.

You can also win a qualifier/satellite to play in these contests. There is more than one qualifier for both contests running every day. The entry fee and number of seats varies from contest to contest, and depending on the day.

Here are the qualifiers that exist currently for the $300 entry fee contest, with buy-in, the maximum number of entries in the contest, and the number of tickets to the million-dollar guaranteed prize pool contest:

  • $5 entry fee, 69 entries, 1 ticket to contest
  • $20 entry fee, 17 entries, 1 ticket
  • $27 entry fee, 127 entries, 10 tickets
  • $27 entry fee, 191¬†entries, 15¬†tickets
  • $5 entry fee, 275 entries, 4 tickets

And here is the breakdown for the $27 entry fee contest:

  • $.25, 127 entries, 1 ticket
  • $2, 31 entries, 1 ticket
  • $5, 1550 entries, 250 tickets
  • $5, 930¬†entries, 150¬†tickets
  • $5, 12 entries, 1 ticket

The satellites are all multiple-entry contests, so you can enter more than one lineup in order to attempt to qualify.


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