Daily Fantasy Sports Basics – DraftKings MLB Scoring and Rules

With a full schedule of games available each day and plentiful stats, Major League Baseball just may be the perfect sport for daily fantasy sports. The way points are earned can vary from site to site – so before getting started be familiar with the DraftKings MLB scoring system and rules.


This time of year is a MLB Fantasy Player’s dream. With a full schedule of games available each day and plentiful and easy-to-follow stats, Major League Baseball just may be the perfect sport for daily fantasy sports. But the way points are earned can vary from site to site – so how does the DraftKings MLB scoring system and rules shape up to ensure you are ready for your draft?

Note: This guide has been updated to reflect minor changes for the 2016 MLB season.

How DraftKings MLB Contests Work

At DraftKings MLB contests, participants select a 10-player starting roster at catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base, three outfield positions and two pitching positions. The goal is to draft the best lineup you can buy for $50,000 or less.

Your objective for the day as “manager” is to get the best point value per player in each position to get the most points possible to beat your opponent(s). Player salaries are regularly adjusted by DraftKings so make sure adjustments are made when salaries are reset. When selecting your team, you must complete your team by the start of the contest’s first game. There is no limit to the number of daily fantasy sports contests that can be entered.

Another stipulation of your lineup is that it must contain at least players from three different teams. This is a requirement to keep daily fantasy sports compliant of existing laws.

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Draft Kings MLB Point Scoring System

Each daily fantasy sports site can have subtle difference in how points are earned. Make sure you are familiar with how points are earned before making your projections.

The eight hitting positions earn points as follows.

Single: 3 Points
Double: 5 Points
Triple: 8 Points
Home Run: 10 Points
RBI: 2 Points
Run: 2 Points
Base on Balls: 2 Points
Hit by Pitch: 2 Points
Stolen Base: 5 Points

The two pitching positions obviously earn points in a much different way:

Inning Pitched: 2.25 Point
Strike Out: 2 Points
Win: 4 Points
Earned Run Allowed: -2 Point
Hits Given Up: -0.6 Points
Base on Balls Against: -0.6 Point
Hit by Pitch: -0.6 Points
Complete Game: 2.5 Points
Shutout: 2.5 Points
No Hitter: 5 Points

Unlike hitters, pitchers have quite a few ways to receive negative points, but they also have ways to earn more positive points. Stats for no hitters, shutouts and complete games are not really proportional to the achievement, but are an extra bonus to a pitcher who has a great game. Also, it should be noted that hitting stats for pitchers will not be counted and if a hitter happens to pitch, which is obviously very rare, they will not be counted as well.

Additional Draft Kings MLB Rules

DraftKings has a few other notable rules that you will want to be aware of before playing MLB contests at DraftKings.

–No Points or compensation will be awarded when starting players whose teams have games that are suspended or postponed
–When a player is part of a double header, only one game will count towards the point total. This will be predetermined by DraftKing when drafting.
–Live scoring is provided at DraftKings for you to monitor your contests as the game is happening. These stats are tentative; prizes will only be awarded once final box scores have been reported.

For additional DraftKings MLB rules, see them on the DraftKings website, which are also available under “Full Contest Rules” under each contest payout page. For additional information on DrafKings, see the Daily Fantasy Sports Codes DraftKings review.


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