A Look at the New FanDuel Players Club VIP Program

FanDuel releases new VIP program which will reward players with a variety of perks including freerolls, exclusive perks and improved customer service, among other perks.

FanDuel has launched their first official VIP program called the FanDuel Players Club and will include a variety of new perks.

Along with the changes, FanDuel also had adjusted the way FanDuel points are earned – lowering the benefit by about half. That’s bad news for players, but to make up for some of the difference FanDuel is adding additional perks that were not available before.

Perks in the FanDuel Players Club program will now include larger freerolls, reward credits at live events, access to weekly promotions, customer support, a personal account manager and access to FanDuel merchandise.

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How the FanDuel Players Club Program Works

FanDuel’s new VIP program has a standard feel to it. Players accumulate FanDuel Points when entering real money contests. FDPs that earned during the previous month are used to determine a players monthly status level for the following month. The more FDPs that are earned, the higher your status level will be. Although all FanDuel players are automatically enrolled in the program, many perks are not available until a player earns at least 500 FDPs in a month ($100 in real money contests per month).

Perks available in the FanDuel Players Club program include the following:

FDP Points Exchange: All FamDuel players are able to use FanDuel Points in a variety of ways including entering real money contests as well as contests exclusive to players that use FanDuel Points.

Free Play Play Contests: FanDuel Free Play contests were previously based on four earn rates of monthly VIP levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Those are being axed in favor six levels, which will reward freeoll contests of between $2,000 to $25,000 depending on the status level a player achieves. FanDuel freerolls for top status levels are being increased for top status players from $8,000 to $25,000.

Reward Credits at Live Events: For MVP status players and above, players can receive $100-$500 in extra reward credits when attending live events. Perks will include credits for extra activities, room upgrades and additional gifts.

Access to Weekly Promotion: FanDuel players at MVP status and above will also have the opportunity to participate in special weekly promotions with details to be announced by FanDuel.

Premium Customer Support: – Those at MVP status and above will receive access to premium customer support with faster response times.

Personal Account Manager: Players at Hall of Fame and Legend status will be given a personal account manager.

FanDuel Merchandise: Hall of Fame and Legend players will also be able to receive FanDuel merchandise.

FanDuel Players Club Status Levels

Below is the requirements for qualifying for a status level as well as the benefits that are provided within that status level.

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FanDuel Players Club Rewards Program Outlook

FanDuel’s major change to their VIP program doesn’t mean they will settle there. FanDuel has maintained that they are committing to making the program even more rewarding for all players. Additional updates are planned and players are encouraged to keep an eye out for DFSC as well as the FanDuel promotion page for further details.

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