Daily Fantasy Sports Golf Arrives with Millionaire Maker

In what DraftKings is calling the Biggest Fantasy Golf Contest Ever, the number two DFS site will be offering $2.5 million guaranteed, including a top prize of $1 million for this summer’s PGA US Open.


In what DraftKings is calling the Biggest Fantasy Golf Contest Ever, the number two DFS site will be offering $2.5 million guaranteed, including a top prize of $1 million for this summer’s PGA US Open. The event, of course, is one of the sport’s four majors, and is being held from June 18th to June 21st at Chambers Bay in University Place, Washington.

For some, golf isn’t exactly the first spot that everyone thinks of when daily fantasy sports is mentioned, but the $2.5 million in prizes that DraftKings is putting behind the contest is indicative that daily fantasy sports (dfs) sites are really stepping up to the plate for the US Open this June. The U.S Open may still be a month away, but DraftKings is saying its not too early to start your daily fantasy sports preparation for the US Open Millionaire Maker event.

Contest Details

The Fantasy Golf Millionaire Maker is very inclusive with its $20 buy-in. The event can be found by selecting PGA from the filter at the top of the contest page. Players may “reserve entry” for this event today. Over 11,000 players have reserved their entry or qualified so far with many tens of thousands expected to join.

The PGA $2.5 million guaranteed Millionaire Maker, named after the first place prize, will pay a total of 29,000 places.

Once DraftKings opens up drafting, players can draft up to 500 lineups for $20 each. Multiple entries are available to give players a better chance to vary lineups and make a showing in the large field. Final picks must be in by June 18th at 6 AM ET.

Satellites and super-satellites will likely be available leading up to the event. The last satellite that was available, the PGA $2.5 millionaire maker super satellite through the 2015 Players Championship, began on May 7th. The buy-in for this event was $5 and gave away 500 Millionaire Maker qualifier prizes each worth $20.

If you missed the Players Championship, you will still likely have the opportunity to enter other satellites for the Millionaire Maker over the coming weeks. Next weekend, the Wells Fargo tournament will be held, followed by the Crown Plaza and the Byron Nelson event. We are anticipating satellites through these events.

Why Reserve Entry?

Salaries and player are not currently set but will be posted closer to the time of the event. Entering now and “reserving your entry” will ensure that you don’t miss the deadline.

DraftKings PGA $2.5 million Maker – US Open Prizes

The Millionaire Maker has a top heavy prize structure that awards the top places the majority of the money but also gives away prizes to the top 29,000 lineups. DraftKings will give away a total of $2.5 million guaranteed. First place will receive a life-changing $1 million dollar prize and the top 10 will receive at least $10,000. The outer reaches of the payment pool will award $25, enough to get your $20 entry back and a cup of coffee.

Since players can enter up to 500 lineups, they are also eligible for multiple prizes. A full list of prizes can be seen below.

Draft Kings US Open Millionaire Maker Prizes
Position Prize
1st $1,000,000.00
2nd $100,000.00
3rd $50,000.00
4th $30,000.00
5th $20,000.00
6th-7th $15,000.00
8th-10th $10,000.00
11th-13th $7,500.00
14th-16th $5,000.00
17th-20th $3,000.00
21st-30th $2,500.00
31st-50th $2,000.00
51st-75th $1,500.00
76th-100th $1,000.00
101st-150th $500.00
151st-200th $250.00
201st-300th $150.00
301st-500th $125.00
501st-1000th $100.00
1001st-2000th $75.00
2001st-4000th $50.00
4001st-9000th $40.00
9001st-19000th $30.00
19001st-29420th $25.00


For full information on DraftKings and the games and contests offered, check out the Daily Fantasy Sports Codes DraftKings review.


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