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Brooks V Bryson What’s The Story With The Feuding Golfers?

It may not be great news for US Ryder Cup team captain Steve Stricker, but it has made the world of top level golf that bit spicier. Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau’s feud continued this past weekend at the USPGA Championship.

In an interview following his final round, Koepka was talking to the Golf Channel about his performance when DeChambeau walked past, mutters something, much to the disdain if Koepke who rolls his eyes and makes his displeasure easily apparent.

“Start It On The Right Line”

In the leaked clip, which has now been widely shared on social media, Koepka is seen in an interview with the Golf Channel explaining how he found the greens somewhat tough to read on the final day when Phil Mickelson became the oldest ever Major Champion.

However, as he talked, Bryson DeChambeau walked into shot behind him and muttered “Just gotta start it on the right line…” before walking off, apparently in response to Koepka’s comments.

It is completely apparent from the rest of the video what Koepka thought of DeChambeau’s interjection.

Slow Play

The seemingly hostile relationship between the two US Golfers stems from comments made in 2019 by a number of tour players, Koepka amongst them, about how slow Bryson DeChambeau was on the golf course.

Those comments led to a confrontation between the pair when DeChambeau approached Koepka’s caddie on a putting green, telling him that if Koepka had anything to say to him, he should say it to his face.

A short time later, Koepka arrived at the green and went over for a ‘chat’ with DeChambeau.

The two then appeared to reconcile in a PGA Tour Radio interview where DeChambeau admitted he had been put on the clock on a number of occasions and wished he could play faster.

Things Get Heated Again

The spark that seemed to reignite their feud seemed to be when Koepka appeared in the Body Issue magazine.

Remarking on his physique as he played a video game via livestream, DeChambeau commented on Koepka that “He doesn’t have any abs, to be honest. I got some abs!”

That led to Koepka responding quickly on social media with a shot of his two USPGA trophies and his two US Open trophies, with the comment “You were right @b.dechambeau I am 2 short of a 6 pack!”

The feud has since rolled on. After his body transformation during the Covid-19 closure, DeChambeau had a confrontation with a cameraman, which Koepka appeared to mock in a tweet featuring a GIF of Kenny Powers.

Then at the St Jude Classic in 2020, DeChambeau asked for a drop as there were fire ants near his ball. Koepka than wryly commented that he had seen ants near his ball on the following days play.

Ryder Cup Concern?

While the Brooks v Bryson sideshow is probably good for golf, and good for the profile of both players, it may not be quite such a positive for the US team in the forthcoming Ryder Cup.

It is highly likely that both players will be strong contenders for a place on Steve Stricker’s team and if that is the case, it is going to be interesting to see how Stricker can end the war of words between the pair to promote team harmony.

It is an issue that has raised its head in the past on different US Ryder Cup teams, as was famously stated by Phil Mickelson and Patrick Reed in the past.

For the time being, the rivalry continues and golf fans are hoping that one day soon, the two rivals can go head to head in the final pairing in the final round, ideally of a Major.

That would certainly be one final round well worth watching. Just remember the popcorn.


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