Getting Started With DraftKings League of Legends

With the departure of Vulcun from the eSports market, you may be looking for a new daily fantasy eSports provider. DraftKings offers their own eSports product, currently offering LOL contests.


If you play daily fantasy eSports you may be looking for a new site to take your action after Vulcun announced that they would no longer be offering real money contests.

Fortunately for players there are other daily fantasy sports offering eSports contests to players and none is bigger than the current leader in daily fantasy, DraftKings.

The world’s number one DFS site is currently offering League of Legends (LOL) real money contests where fans can select a roster of their favorite gamers. These contests are run each day when there are 2 or more LOL games taking place.

So what are the rules and scoring of DraftKings League of Legend contests?

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DraftKings League of Legends Rules

Although daily fantasy eSports has some differences to daily fantasy sports, it is fundamentally the same.

When joining a League of Legends contests, players are given a fictional salary cap of $50,000 that is used to draft a roster of eight LOL players. The player pool will be comprised of League of Legend players that are expected to play during the duration of the contest.

Winners will be decided on the top finishers of the contest according to points scored and the prize structure. More details on that in the section below.

When selecting your roster, you must fill the following positions: TOP, JNG (Jungler), MID, ADC, SUP (Support), three flex positions and a team position. Players are not allowed to draft more than 4 players from any League of Legends team and your roster must encompass 2 or more separate League of Legends games.

Players will lock at the start of each contest.

DraftKings League of Legends Scoring

The scoring used in League of Legends contests are earned in the following way:

Kills (K): 3 Points
Assists (A): 2 Points
Deaths (D): -1 Points
Creeps (C): 0.02 Points
10+ Kill/Assist Bonus (10KA+): + 2 Points (Participants earn these points when a LOL player earns 10 kills or 10 assists in a single game)

The Team position will earn points in a contest as follows:

Turrets (Tur): 1 Points
Dragons (Drg): 2 Points
Barons (Bar): 3 Points
First Blood (1stB+): 2 Points
Win (W): 2 Points
Win in under 30 minutes bonus (u30W+): 2 Points

Bonus points will also be awarded to LOL players and teams for winning a series early:

Every game not played by winning teams (GNP+): 15 Points
Every game not played by winning players (GNP+): 20 Points

Games not played defined: maximum games in series – games played in series

Note: A League of Legends player must accumulate stats in one or more of the games in the series to qualify for either bonus.

DraftKings League of Legends Contests

DraftKings features a variety of different types of League of Legends contests that players can join. Because of DraftKings’ significant liquidity, most of your contests will fill.

Beginner Contests: New players to DraftKings can join contests specially designed for beginners. The League of Legends contests are 10 entry league contests with small buy-ins ranging from $1 to $5.

Guaranteed Contests: Players don’t usually see the high guaranteed contests you’ll see at major sports, but what you will see is contests with guarantees approaching $10,000. DraftKings will also run smaller guaranteed contests of $100-$500. The buy-ins of the lower guaranteed contests are usually small while the larger guaranteed contests may have buy-ins up to $100.

Leagues: Buy-ins for DraftKings league contests start at $1 and go up to $50, although the vast majority have lower buy-in entries. Most of these contests feature 4 or 10 entries.

Head to Head: League of Legends head to head contests are available — and run — at many different buy-in levels: $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $109. Other players are waiting for you to join contests up to $50 buy-in mark with the occasional player seated at a $109 event.

50/50s and Double Ups: A healthy dose of contests ranging from $1 to $50 are available for LOL drafting with most of DraftKings 50/50s and Double Up contests featuring or ten entries. DraftKings also offers some Double Up contests with guaranteed prize pools.

Multipliers: League of Legends multiplier contests mostly have prize pools that award 3x the buy-in, although the occasional 10x Booster is also offered. Entry fees for these contests generally range from $1 to $10 with 10, 20 or 34 entries.

Satellites and Qualifiers: The League of Legends satellite and qualifiers are comprised of mostly step contests as well qualifiers to guaranteed contests. Chances are if there is a big tournament coming up, you can get your entry through a qualifier. Entry fees for these contests range from $0.25 up to $88.


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