FanDuel WFBC Awarding a Guaranteed $4 Million

In late August, Fanduel will award $4 million in cash prizes in their annual World Fantasy Baseball Championship (WFBC), which will award a $1 million first place prize and will give an additional $2 million to runner-ups.


The world’s largest daily fantasy sports website is living up to their number one status with the return of the most popular fantasy baseball live event. In late August, Fanduel will award $4 million in cash prizes in their annual World Fantasy Baseball Championship (FanDuel WFBC), with $1 million given away to first place prize and an additional $2 million to runner-ups.

World Fantasy Baseball Championship Prize Package

Like last year, the event will be held in Las Vegas from the Cosmopolitan Hotel from August 20th to 23rd and will see 90 qualifiers duke it out with one lucky winner to be crowned the “best fantasy baseball player” in the world. Qualifiers will receive a luxury trip package as part of the festivities which will include the following:

–Entry into the $4 million final
–$1,000 airfare credit
— a one-way transfers from the airport to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
— three nights accommodations at the Cosmopolitan on the 20th, 21st and 22nd
– entry for two to the Thursday welcome mixer
— a surprise event for two on Friday night (featuring a special guest)
— entry for two to the Saturday Championship Viewing Party.

A special guest celebrity or athlete will be on hand with FanDuel to help crown the winner. Players who do not currently have a FanDuel account that would like to participate may check out the Daily Fantasy Sports Codes FanDuel review for more information.

World Fantasy Baseball Championship Qualifiers

There is no direct buy-in to this one-of-a kind event. The only way to enter is through qualifiers with varying buy-in amounts. Qualifiers will be posted in the FanDuel Lobby with an upcoming schedule of qualifiers available from the World Baseball Fantasy Championship webpage on FanDuel. You can also search for “World Fantasy Baseball” in the FanDuel lobby.

The qualifying events will be $35,000 salary daily MLB contest with one package to Las Vegas and the remaining portion rewarded as cash. Players will be able have multiple entries into the final with up to 4 entries. If a player wins a second entry they must choose to either receive a $4,000 cash prize or transfer the second package to another player.

World Fantasy Baseball Championship Prizes

A total of $4 million will be given away through the live final in Las Vegas. An additional $2 million will be awarded to runner-ups in qualifier contests. Players qualifying for the WFBC live final will be guaranteed at least $10,000 in cash with the overall value of a seat worth $44,444 just from the prizes.

A full list of prizes in the World Baseball Championship can be seen below:

Fan Duel World Fantasy Baseball Championship Prizes
Position Prize
1st $1,000,000
2nd $500,000
3rd $250,000
4th $200,000
5th $150,000
6th $100,000
7th- 8th $75,000
9th- 10th $50,000
11th- 15th $40,000
16th- 25th $30,000
26th- 35th $25,000
36th- 50th $20,000
51st- 70th $15,000
71st- 90th $10,000


For full information on FanDuel, check out the Daily Fantasy Sports Codes FanDuel review.


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