FanDuel New Entry Mode Makes it Faster to Enter Multiple Contests

Entering repeated lineups into different contests has traditionally difficult. With New Entry Mode players can enter many contests at one time.


If you’re the type of daily fantasy sports player that likes to play a lot of contest, you’ve probably been frustrated by how inefficient the process can be to enter your lineups. Thankfully DFS sites are becoming aware of this problem and are addressing it with new tools.

FanDuel New Entry Mode has been live for a couple weeks and available for players to check out and start using for their lineups. The new feature will allow you to be able to enter multiple contests straight from the lobby, allowing you to enter contests in seconds instead of minutes. All you need to is create your first lineup and follow a few simple steps.

Here’s a full video that explains how FanDuel’s New Entry Mode works:

Steps to Use FanDuel New Entry Mode

New Entry Mode is easy to use tool to use once you know what to do. To utilize the tool, you must first create a lineup like you normally do, picking the sport and the slate.


1) Set your lineup. As long as you want to enter your lineups for the same slate, you will be able to use the new tool.

2) Select the New Entry Mode. This feature can be found fat the top of the lobby on the right-hand side. Normal entry mode is the icon on the left while New Entry Mode is on the left.

3) Once New Entry Mode has been selected, you will need to find the contests you wish to enter.

4) Enter in the number of entries you wish to enter for that contest. You can accomplish this by entering in the number of contests or clicking the “-” or “+”. In order to enter multiple entries, the contest must not be a “Single Entry” contest. You can also go to other tabs to add additional entries before submitting your entries.

5) After adding your entries, you will want to select “Choose Lineup” button, which is available at the bottom of your screen and will give you a summary of the number of contests you have entered as well as the total value of the contest entries you have selected.

6) Select the lineup you wish to apply to your multiple entries.

7) Once you have selected your lineup, you will simply need to “Enter” those lineups. Upon doing so, you will get a message confirming that your submission went through.

That’s it. Adding a bunch of entries using the same lineup is now incredibly easy and something that anybody who plays the same lineup multiple times should utilize.


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