FanDuel Late Swap

FanDuel Introduces Creative Solution To Late Swap Debate

FanDuel addresses late NBA late swap issue with through unique roster rules.

FanDuel Late Swap

After it was announced that NBA late swaps would be returning for DraftKings NBA contests, DFS users wondered if FanDuel might be the next DFS site to change their policy on late swaps. Now we have an answer.

FanDuel will continue to not offer late swaps for the 2018-2019 NBA season. Instead, FanDuel is addressing the problem with a unique roster solution.

In FanDuel’s new roster format, users will continue to draft nine players for their lineup, with a major difference: only the top eight scores will count towards a player’s final score. FanDuel believes that by providing players with a “gimme” on single player, they address the vast majority of situations where late swap would otherwise be needed.

The change will be applicable for the 2018-2019 NBA season, but will not apply to preseason contests, meaning the change will be effective with contests starting on October 16th.

Why is FanDuel avoiding late swaps?

Despite the fact that DraftKings says 75% of players who responded to internal player polls voiced a preference of late swaps for NBA contests, it’s still an issue that divides many players. Indeed, social media and forums are littered with comments from players angrily stating their positions on late swaps. Many even threaten to move their DFS play elsewhere based on DraftKings or FanDuel’s specific position on late swaps.

But FanDuel, and DraftKings for that matter, are sensitive to these concerns. However, FanDuel feels that a “gimme” roster spot addresses the problem in a better way, maintaining that it’s the fairest solution to the greatest amount of players.

Late swap is great for players that are engaged all evening long, but what about for people that have busy lives? Not everybody wants to devote an entire evening to being glued to their phone, anticipating the latest news that may affect lineups. FanDuel’s current position has those players in mind, first and foremost.

Reaction to FanDuel’s late swap solution

Predictably, there are players still on both sides of the issue. Some welcome the commonsense approach to the problem, while others fear that the new rules will be exploited

Some players have been quick to mention a specific strategy could be exploited by more seasoned players.

Instead of drafting the nine highest valued players, a DFS user could effectively ignore the 9th spot on the roster altogether. Just add a minimum priced player who is not expected to do anything and use the extra salary to focus on the other eight players. Sure, DFS players will occasionally fall victim to a player getting hurt from eight players they select, but more often than not they will be able to field a strong lineup.

For now, no late swap for FanDuel and the debate continues.


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