FanDuel Friends Mode Championship Leagues Coming for 2017

FanDuel Friends Mode Championship Leagues Offers Structure, Season-Long Prizes

FanDuel expands Friends Mode with new Championship Leagues, which pay a leaderboard prize to the winner.

FanDuel Friends Mode Championship Leagues Coming for 2017

FanDuel Friend Mode was introduced last year, now the popular feature of FanDuel is being expanded to include “Championship Leagues” for the second year of Friends Mode — just in time for the start of the NFL season. FanDuel players can start their Friends Mode and Championship Leagues today.

Friends Mode Championship League promises one simple concept – play for season-long prizes on top of weekly payouts. To encourage participation in Friend Mode Championship Leagues, FanDuel will even double Week 1 payouts. Championship Leagues are similar to DraftKings Leagues, which were unveiled last year.

What is Friends Mode?

FanDuel Friend Mode was introduced last year as a way for daily fantasy players to play DFS with their friends and offer a more social experience. Friends Mode offers private leagues to only invite partipants — such as family and friends — to play.

FanDuel not only allows you to create contests for your Friends Mode league at any time, but also allows you keep track of how the members of your league perform throughout the league.

It’s a concept that is similar to the traditional fantasy sports experience, but just for daily fantasy sports and without having to worry about major injuries, scheduling a draft time or even unfair trades.

How Does Friends Mode Championship Leagues Work

It’s important to note that FanDuel is not offering a traditional fantasy sports product like ESPN or Yahoo here. Instead, Championship League can be thought of as a season-long leaderboard for a weekly DFS contest.

FanDuel will now allow a Friends Mode commissioner to set a prize pool for the champion of your Championship league over an entire season, which will run from Week 1 through the NFL Conference Championship games. The leaderboard will be based on the points earned in a weekly contest in your Friends Mode group dedicated to the Champions League.

Within a Friends Mode League, the commissioner will select the number of participants in the Championship league, as well as a one-time entry fee. Once the entry fee has been paid for the Championship League by a given league member, the player will be considered to be entered into the league. After the Championship League has been filled, it will be locked and players will not be able to be refunded their entry fee.

The Championship weekly contest will be based on the Sunday’s main slate, which is comprised of all Sunday games. Contests will open up for drafting at noon ET on Wednesday and will be available until the start of the first games on Sunday.

Scoring will be based on the top 10 scores during the duration of the Championship league. If you fail to set a lineup for a week, you will receive no points for that week. However, because only the top 10 weeks will be used to determine your total, you can get away with doing poorly for a few weeks or even missing a few weeks.

The winner of the Champions League for the entire season will be paid a winner take all prize. In addition to the end of the year winner, weekly prizes will be paid to the player who finishes first for each weekly contest.

What’s the Difference Between Friends Mode and Championship Leagues?

Championship Leagues is a feature within Friends Mode. Friends Mode will allow you to play private DFS contests with your friends at any time. Championship Leagues gives Friends Mode a bit of structure with an entry fee and leaderboard for a designated weekly contest. You can continue to play additional Friends Mode contests that are not part of Championship Leagues.


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