Play FanDuel freerolls in February

FanDuel Freeroll Alert – Great Wall Promotion Offering $1,000 Freerolls Daily

FanDuel is offering new and existing players an easy to enter a daily fantasy basketball freeroll until February 17th.

Play FanDuel freerolls in February

Daily fantasy football season is over. Fortunately, there are other sports and daily fantasy sports to keep you busy until next season. And from now through February 17th, you can try out FanDuel’s daily fantasy NBA contests for free.

FanDuel has partnered with the makers of the upcoming film The Great Wall to offer you an easy chance to qualify for entry into a $1,000 freeroll. Best of all, you can qualify each day until February 17th to enter the $1,000 freeroll. Both new and existing players of FanDuel are eligible to participate.

How Does “The Great Wall” Work?

Each day until February 17th, head on over the The Great Wall page below:

Go here to enter FanDuel $1000 freerolls.

Once you are on the page, simply watch the 30-second trailer of The Great Wall in its entirety. At the end of the video you will see a button to “Claim Your Free Entry” after the video has been completed.

When clicking the button, you will immediately be directed to a page to draft your lineup. You must complete your lineup being leaving the page, although you can edit your lineup anytime before the contest starts. You can sign-in either before or after you watch the video. If you are a new player will you need to create an account to complete the progress, which can be done from the page.

Rinse and repeat the process each day to receive $1,000 entries for each day you watch the video.

About the FanDuel NBA Freeroll

The contest will be held at 7 PM ET nightly until February 17th. From February 7th to February 16th, the contest offered will be a daily fantasy NBA contest. On the last day — February 17th — FanDuel will switch things up with an NHL contest.

Only one entry is allowed per person for these contests. Given that there are up to 100,000 spots available, players shouldn’t have to worry about these contests coming anywhere close to filling up, although as is the case with all freerolls, the amount of entries could get large.

FanDuel is spreading out the wealth with the $1,000 freerolls. They will pay a total of 781 players according to the following prize schedule:

Naga Poker Jackpot System
Full House10x
Four of a Kind250x
Straight Flush1200x
Royal Flush10,000
Super Royal Flush30,000

Register for the $1,000 FanDuel Freeroll here.


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