FanDuel Points Lowered- Rate Halved

FanDuel Changing How FanDuel Points Are Earned

FanDuel adjusts the way FDP Points are earned and exchanged and also introduces activity requirements for FDPs.

FanDuel Points Lowered- Rate Halved

In preparation for the start of the NFL daily fantasy season, FanDuel has announced a series of changes pertaining to the earning of FanDuel Points. Beginning August 1st, FanDuel will be lowering the rate at which FanDuel Points are earned, as well as introducing a new activity requirement to encourage players to stay active at FanDuel.

As part of the announcement, FanDuel is also increasing the number of ways that players can exchange points.

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The Rate of FanDuel Points is Changing

Starting on August 1st, FanDuel will be adjusting the rate at which FanDuel points are earned . Instead of earning points at a rate of 10 FanDuel Points per $1, players will now earn only 5 FanDuel Points per $1 of entry. The slashing of the earn rate on FanDuel Points means that players will earn half the rate that they did before. Points can still be exchanged directly at real money contests at a rate of 2400 per $1, or $0.000416 per FDP.

However, because FDPs are now earned more slowly, players will be getting half of the previous value from the points, or just over 2% of their buy-in fee back. If you are looking for rakeback, you will receive FanDuel rakeback of 2% through this program.

As an example, a player who enters a $10 contest will now earn 50 FanDuel Points as opposed to 100 under the previous scheme.

The change will only affect contests entered after August 1st. Any accumulated FanDuel Points balance earned prior to August 1st will be left alone.

Points Can Expire

With the changes to how FanDuel Points are earned, FanDuel is also introducing an inactivity policy.

At the start of August, FanDuel will be enacting an inactivity policy that will affect players who leave their accounts dormate. If you have been inactive at FanDuel for one year, your FanDuel Points balance will expire, per the new terms. Fortunately, FanDuel is making it fairly easy for players to be in an active status.

To stay active, you will simply need to redeem your points or enter a real money contest. Every time you engage in one of these activities, your 1 year timer will restart.

FanDuel Points Contests

Prior to the announcement, FanDuel players could enter any real money contest directly. Players will continue to be able to buy-in with points directly.

Starting this NFL season, FanDuel is unveiling new FDP-only contests that will REQUIRE players to use FDPs to enter – no cash buy-ins allowed. Dedicated FanDuel Point contests will give away cash and other “special” prizes.

With the FDP-only contests, FanDuel is promising to debut FDP contests that will appeal to all types of players, including those that will be able to buy-in using a small number of points.

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