FanDuel Badges Introduced to Identify Experienced Players

FanDuel has introduced Player Experience Badges which will publicly identify players who are in one of three categories.


FanDuel has implemented a couple updates aimed at benefiting less experienced users – Experienced Player Indicators and Beginner Contests. The changes come ahead of the 2016 NFL season, when daily fantasy sports contests reach their peak.

By introducing player indicator badges, FanDuel joins DraftKings in giving new players a look into the skill of their opponents. Both systems are quite similar, although there is some indications the badges were rushed to meet regulatory deadlines and will be tweaked at a later date.

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What do FanDuel Badges Mean?

Experienced Player Badges come in the form of small badges detailed next to wherever player name appears. When entering multi-player contests, you will be able to view a player’s badges when viewing entries. Badges for head to head contests can be viewed directly in the lobby. Below is an example of the badges that players will see at FanDuel:


Players will be identified in one of three ways using four metrics using the number of contests entered and amount won.

White star with blue border – Highly Experienced: A player is identified as highly experienced if they have entered more than 1,000 contests or won more than $1,000 across six contests.

Blue star with white border
– Experienced: A player is identified as experienced when they have entered more than 500 contests or won more than $1k in four or more contests.

No star – A player that has not met any of the four metrics will receive no badge.

In addition to viewing a player’s badge, you can also click on their badge to see which of the thresholds they have met.

So far, player reaction has been indifferent to critical of the changes, with a player on this Reddit thread calling them “completely worthless.” Some have argued that the badges don’t do what they are set out to do, with some players complaining that it’s not difficult for a player to play 500 contests or luck into $1k in winnings.

In fact, when entering a guaranteed contest, almost all players are listed as experienced. It’s a similar story in the lobby of head to head contests, with almost all players reaching the thresholds. It remains to be seen when or if the badges will be adjusted to be more useful to DFS players.

Beginner Contests

Beginner contests have been introduced by FanDuel as a way for new players to dip their toes in the world of DFS without playing highly experienced players.

These beginner contests will be available to players who have entered less than 51 contests, including those that have already registered to FanDuel when the program was introduced. Those players who have been marked as an “Experienced” player (as in the case of a player that has won $1,000 over four contests) will not be eligible to participate in these contests.

New players who use the mobile app will receive a pop-up alerting them of the Beginner Contests. Players using the FanDuel website on a computer can enter the contests from the “Beginners” tab in the lobby, which only qualified players will be able to access.


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