DraftKings Max Entry Limits

DraftKings Returns to 150 Max Entries on Small Buy-in Contests after Brief Experiment

DraftKings has again set maximum entries on low buy-in contests to 150, after experimenting with a 20 cap.

DraftKings Max Entry Limits

A few days ago, DraftKings experimented with lowering the max entries on some smaller buy-in GPPs to 20, down from the usual 150. The experiment was part of DraftKings NBA Shootaround Week and was applicable to GPPs with buy-ins of $5 or below.

The experiment is over, at least for now, as the maximum number of entries on contests on these smaller buy-in contests has now been reverted back to 150. This cap is the standard maximum number of entries.

The issue of maximum number of entries is one of daily fantasy sports most hotly contested topics, with good arguments on both sides.

For and Against High Maximum Entries

There is no doubt that a high maximum number of entries increases the overall participation in daily fantasy sports contests, at least for the short term. Generally, higher skilled players enter more contests, but some less-skilled players also like to maximize their entries as well. It’s also hard to deny that most DFS players like the idea of a big score. Having a high cap on entries certainly achieves the goal of increasing the size of the prize pool.

Despite the larger prize pools, maximum entries do make it more difficult for the casual DFS player (the type that enters just a couple lineups) that seek out a low risk, high-reward opportunity for a big score. But the question is how well can they can compete against a seasoned DFS player who puts in 150 well-thought out lineups. Many critics of high maximums on GPPs cite this as a big reason to lower the number of entries on a GPP contest.

Of course, maximum entries are a paradox for DFS sites. On one hand, they get immediate rewards by having more entries entering the contests, resulting in more interest in the contests and higher revenue generated. But at what cost, say some? The casual type of player who is only entering a few lineups is going to have a difficult time playing against a group of players submitting 150 lineups.

This means said casual player is more likely to lose and possibly become frustrated with DFS, only to get burned out or leave for good. That is obviously not a good outcome either, and that is one reason why sites like DraftKings have introduced options for some contests with lower maximums and other recreational player friendly features (DraftKings Leagues etc).

Even some highly skilled players recognize that lower maximum entries might be a good thing for DFS as a whole. At the very least, lower maximum entries evens the playing field for the more fringe type of players, those that know DFS but can’t or don’t want to enter dozens of lineups each day.

What are the Maximum Entry Limits?

In general, for the large multi-entry contestsDraftKings and FanDuel players can enter 3% of the total number of entries up to a maximum number of 150.

FanDuel and DraftKings also each have capped lineup contests. Single entry and 3-entry are some of the more common capped contests you will find. On DraftKings, you can also find contests that limit the number of entries to 5, 10, 35 or 50 — giving some players the best of both worlds. However, the vast majority of contests with large prize pools continue to put enforce caps of 150 lineups.

This issue will continue to be a hotly debated one as additional states look to regulate and daily fantasy sports sites attempt to strike a balance between appeasing many of their most loyal players while not scaring off those that are less skilled.


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