DraftKings Player Rewards Program Relaunched

DraftKings has unveiled a new VIP program called Player Rewards which includes new rewards such as Daily Missions, access to exclusive freerolls, Flash Bonuses on top of using FPPs in the store.


DraftKings has unveiled a new VIP program called Player Rewards that aims to reward a larger percentage of its daily fantasy players. With the launch comes a variety of new rewards include Daily Missions, access to exclusive freerolls, Flash Bonuses on top of using FPPs in the store.

In a statement announcing the changes to the VIP program, DraftKings noted that this program should appeal to more players than ever before. Under the old program, only 10% of all DraftKings had used the VIP store.

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Changes to the DraftKings VIP Program

The previous DraftKings VIP program was essentially just the VIP Store. Here players could use their earned Frequent Player Points to purchase items such as VIP experiences, contest tickets, apparel and other merchandise. The new Players Rewards Club program keeps the VIP store, albeit at a lower value, cutting the value by about 3/4.

The good news for players is that there are a variety of new perks have been added. Whether you will get the same value of the program is determined by what type of player you are on how you decide to participate in the program.

For those clearing a DraftKings bonus, note that it will clear at the same rate as before even though FPPs earned have decreased.

How DraftKings Player Rewards Program Works

The DraftKings Player Rewards Program has four main ways to earn rewards — FPP accumulation, Daily Missions, Flash Bonuses and access to special freeroll contests. Players are automatically enrolled in the program. Highlights of the program includes:

Earning Frequent Player Points: The earnings of Frequent Player Points is a popular hold-over from the previous VIP program. Players will now earn 1 FPP per $1 in entry fees in all real money contests. You can use the tickets for use in the VIP Store.

Points are worth approximately $0.0018 per FPP. This is the same value as before, however because FPPs were earned 4x faster under the previous program, the rate is effectively being cut by 3/4, meaning the amount of DraftKings rakeback you receive from the VIP alone is worth about 2% (down from about 8%).

Daily Missions: Each day, you will be able to earn additional FPPs by completing DraftKings’s daily Mission. Check your Mission from the DraftKings website to view and accept the Mission. Complete the Mission within the allocated time to earn your FPPs. Rewards from Missions will be awarded the following business day, meaning any Mission completed on Friday-Sunday will be rewarded on Monday. You will be sent an email from DraftKings confirming that you have completed the Mission.

Flash Bonus: DraftKings will spontaneously display “Flash Bonus” contests in the DraftKings Lobby, which will award additional prizes over the normal prize pool. The Flash Bonuses will be available for all sports. Flash Bonus Blitz will be available on Fridays which will award even more Flash Bonus contests.

VIP Freerolls: The new Players Rewards Program will also run special freerolls for players that earned a certain number of Frequent Player Points during the month. You can still spend your FPPs like you normally would, these contests are simply based on the number of FPPs that you earn during the month. You will qualify for all freerolls that you meet the threshold for.

Bronze (requires 1,000 FPPs): $10,000 Guaranteed
Silver (requires 2,500 FPPs): $25,000 Guaranteed
Gold (requires 5,000 FPPs): $100,000 Guaranteed
Platinum (requires 20,000 FPPs): $100,000 Guaranteed plus an entry to exclusive $50,000 VIP Experience Contest

Players will receive their contest ticket on the first business day of the month.



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