DraftKings Leagues Introduced, Makes Playing with Friends Easier

DraftKings League has been introduced just in time for the football season. The new platform provides daily fantasy players an easier and more engaging way to play DFS with their friends.


Traditionally, fantasy sports leagues with friends has been focused on season long leagues on sites such as Yahoo and ESPN. With the launch of DraftKings Leagues, you now have the option of making daily fantasy contests more social with friends with an improved, centrally located system that makes it easier to create, organize and keep track of your friends and your league’s daily fantasy sports activity.

DraftKings Leagues will not only help players more easily play DFS with their friends — which players could do previously — but also give DraftKings another vehicle to attract players who may not currently have a DraftKings account.

With the introduction of DraftKings Leagues, the new platform seems to replace League Hub, which allowed DraftKings users to administer their season-long contests at Yahoo and ESPN. It is not known whether this feature will be integrated into DraftKings Leagues at a later date. In addition, traditional season-long contests do not appear to be in the cards with DraftKings Leagues – at least yet

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DraftKings League Details

DraftKings Leagues will allow any DraftKings user to create a “League,” which is essentially a private and organized group of friends and anybody else you choose to invite. Once players are in the league, the commissioner can create contests that only players that are in the league can enter, which essentially functions as a private DraftKings lobby. In addition to running contests, the league will keep track of a variety stats through a leaderboard within the league in a prominent location to aid in your quest for bragging rights.

Currently, payout options in the leagues are limited to 50/50s, winner take all or top 1, 2 or 5 places paid. These payout options are regardless of league size.

DraftKings is also giving players an extra incentive to try out DraftKings Leagues. Players that join a league on DraftKings will receive a free $3 NFL league ticket to play against friends.

DraftKings Leagues will be something to keep an eye on over the next few weeks and months as DraftKings may expand the concept to include season-long contests and also improve the platform to realize its potential as a social hub for all of players fantasy sports needs.

How to Create DraftKings Leagues

To create a new league, DraftKings players first must go to “Leagues” from the top menu after you have been signed in. When creating a league, you will be able to name the league, invite friends and send an optional message. The person who creates the league will be the commissioner and in charge of creating contests. Commissioners will also receive referral rewards for inviting new players to DraftKings.


You can create a contest right away or wait until more players have joined the league. Creating a contest will of course allow you to select a sport, specific slate and entry details (type of contest, size of contest, entry fee and prize structure). Players will also be able to set recurring contests if they like.


From the main page of the league, members with the best performance will be displayed at the top for all to see. A lobby with all live, upcoming and past contests will be easily be accessible. On the other tab, a leaderboard will be present which will displayed the top players in your leagues by contests played, wins, placed and total prizes.


Players will be able to use DraftKings Leagues to track performance and play through a PC or via the DraftKings mobile app.


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