DraftKings Makes Improvements to Player Rewards Program Effective July 1st

DraftKings announced some additional benefits of their 3 month old Player Rewards program, which includes larger and more frequent freerolls as well as the addition of a new tier.


It’s been less than 3 months since DraftKings launched their latest Players Rewards program , but today they announced some changes. Fortunately for players, all the changes revealed today are additional benefits.

The tweaks to the program including larger Players Rewards freerolls, new and more frequent freerolls and the addition of a new tier. DraftKings will also be making it easier to qualify for the existing four tiers.

Daily Missions, the DraftKings Store and FPPs still remain in place and unchanged.

The changes to the DraftKings VIP program will be effective for play starting in July. We’ll go over the highlights that players can expect next month.

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Easier to Reach Tiers

The total number of monthly FPPs needed to reach each Players Rewards tier has been decreased significantly, with the first tier (Bronze) slashed by 90%. The new tier thresholds will make it much easier for players to qualify for the perks of each tier.

Bronze – 100 FPPs (1,000 previously)
Silver – 500 FPPs (2,500 previously)
Gold – 2,000 FPPs (5,000 previously)
Platinum – 10,000 FPPs (20,000 previously)

One FPP is earned for each $1 in contest entries a player enters.

It should be noted that some of the contest freerolls have decreased in value slightly. The Bronze free contest has been lowered to $5k from $10k, while Silver has seen a small decrease down $20k, a cut of $5k. Gold and Platinum contests have not been changed, however. In fact, the $50k contest available to the Platinum tier has been increased to $75k.

New Black Tier

DraftKings will also be adding a new tier for the most frequent players – the Black Tier. It’s the new highest level of the program and will require that players earn 100,000 FPPs in one month, the equivalent of $100,000 in contest entries.

As part of the package, Black tier players will not only qualify for the $75k and $100k freeroll contests, but also a $50,000 contest that is available exclusively to the tier.

DraftKings Player Rewards tiers can be seen here:


Free Contest Arcade

Free Contest Arcade represents DraftKings increased focus on freerolls — contests that players can enter without costing any money. Thousands of dollars in freerolls are given away each month, with a freeroll contest held each day.

You can find these contests by searching for “Free Arcade” in the DraftKings lobby or by sorting the Entry column in the DraftKings lobby.

Bi Monthly Free Depositor Contests

DraftKings rewards depositors by giving them tickets to their $1,000 Bi-Monthly Depositor Free Contest, held on the 1st and 15th of every month. To receive a Bi-Monthly Depositor ticket, players need to make a deposit within the previous two weeks prior to the freeroll. For example, those that make a deposit from the 1st to the 14th will receive access to the freeroll on the 15th or the 15th through the last day of the month to receive access to the freeroll on the first.

These freerolls are in contrast to the DraftKings freerolls, which are directly part of the VIP program and require the earning of FPPs.


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