DraftKings CFL Daily Fantasy Rules and Scoring

DraftKings has added CFL contests to their platform. Check out the scoring and rules of the DraftKings CFL contests before you set your lineups.


DraftKings has entered into a deal with the Canadian Football League in an effort to make a greater impact with Canadian players and offer daily fantasy football during the off-peak NFL season.

As part of the deal, DraftKings and the CFL will, among other things, establish an advertising and promotional partnership and give DraftKings users the chance to win VIP CFL experiences.

DraftKings CFL contests are now available in the DraftKings lobby with contests running from June to November.

With the new CFL contests up, let’s take a look at the rules and scoring for the DraftKings CFL contests.

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Basic DraftKings CFL Rules

Your goal when selecting a lineup for DraftKings CFL contests is to create the best possible lineup while staying under a fictional lineup of $50,000. If you outscore your opponents, you will win a prize according to the prize pool of the contest you entered. DraftKings CFL roster differs from DraftKings NFL contests in that nine roster spots are filled in the site’s NFL contests.

When drafting a team, you will choose one player from one of seven positions: quarterback, running back, two wide receiver positions, two flex positions and a team defense. When choosing the two flex positions you can select either a wide receiver or a running back. All positions must be filled and your lineup must include players from at least 2 different teams and 2 different games.

DraftKings CFL contest types include tournaments/leagues, head to heads, 50/50s, double ups, triple up multiplers and step contests.

You can find DraftKings CFL contests by finding “CFL” at the top of the lobby. If you are new to the CFL, be sure to keep an eye on the DraftKings Playbook for tips and advice.

DraftKings CFL Scoring

Offensive players and defensive/special teams each accumulate points towards your roster..

Offensive stats:

DraftKings CFL offensive scoring is very similar to NFL scoring with the primary exception being the removal of an offensive fumble recovery.

Passing Touchdown: 4 Points
25 Passing Yards: 1 Point (0.04 Points per yard)
300 or more Yard Passing Game: 3 Points
Interception: -1 Point
10 Rushing Yards: 1 Point (0.1 Points per yard)
Rushing Touchdown: 6 Points
100 or more Yard Rushing Game: 3 Points
10 Receiving Yards: 1 Point (0.10 Points per yard)
Reception: 1 Point
Receiving TD: 6 Points
100 or more Yard Receiving Game: 3 Points
Punt, Kickoff or Field Goal Return for a Touchdown: 6 Points
Punt/Kickoff/FG Return Yards: 1 Point (0.05 Points per yard)
Fumble Lost: -1 Point
2 Point Conversion (can be either Pass, Run, or Catch): 2 Points

Defensive stats:

The following points will be accumulated when selecting your team defense selection when filling out your lineup. The most notable addition is for when a rouge is scored, a stat that is unique to Candian football.

Sack: 1 Point
Interception: 2 Points
Fumble Recovery: 2 Points
Rouge Scored: 1 Point
Kickoff Return Touchdown: 6 Points
Punt Return Touchdown: 6 Points
FG Return Touchdown: 6 Points
Interception Return Touchdown: 6 Points
Fumble Recovery Touchdown: 6 Points
Blocked Punt or FG Touchdown: 6 Points
Safety: 2 Points
0 Points Allowed: 10 Points
1-6 Points Allowed: 7 Points
7-13 Points Allowed: 4 Points
14-20 Points Allowed: 1 Point
21-27 Points Allowed: 0 Points
28-34 Points Allowed: -1 Points
35 or more Points Allowed:-4 Points

For the purpose of points allowed stat categories only points scored against the defense will count (rushing, passing, punt, kick return, FG return and blocked punt field goals or touchdowns). Any points given up the team’s offense (such as in the case of an interception that is returned for a touchdown) will count towards the total.


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