DraftKings Casual Player Contests Introduced

DraftKings has introduced Casual Player contests to DraftKings players without experience badges. See if you qualify for the new contests.


Beginners contests have been available for some time on DFS sites to ease players into the world of daily fantasy sports. Now one site is extending that idea to recreational players in the form of DraftKings Casual Player contests. The new contests will be available to players looking to avoid or minimize their play against more skilled players.

The new contests is not a big change. The primary impact is that the new contests effectively extend beginner contests to more casual players. As long as they haven’t meet basic entry and winning limits, they will be eligible to play Casual Player contests regardless of whether they are not a beginner.

These contests have effectively replaced “Beginner” contests.

Entry Fee Refund up to $120 at FanDuel

No code required

Details of the DraftKings Casual Player Contests

The main idea of the new casual player contests is that players will be able to more easily play against players that are of equal skill level, those that are beginners and long-term recreational players.

DraftKings Casual Contests also will meet other criteria:

  • Players identified as “Experienced” will not be able to participate in Casual contests
  • All Casual contests will be limited to a maximum of ten entries per player. This is to limit a player from flooding a test with dozens of entries.
  • At least 25% of all players will win a prize. The structure will allow more players to experience the best part of DFS — winning.

DraftKings Casual Player Eligibility

What is a DraftKings experience badge?

DraftKings issues players a badge once they have joined more than 500 contests. As long has players have a badge, they will not be eligible to enter DraftKings Casual Player contests.

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Industry Person of the YearSean McCormack
Media Content of the YearBob, Charlie and a Life-Changing WSOP Main Event Journey

FanDuel also has their own version of experience badges introduced this summer.

DraftKings experience badges have come under some scrutiny for less than perfect implementation. For instance, even a casual player who enters a few $1 or $5 type of contests per day will eventually not qualify. In addition, a infrequent player who gets lucky a couple times with big wins will also not qualify.

Hopefully these kinks will be ironed out in future updates to make the contests more inclusive to all casual players.

Finding DraftKings Casual Player Contests

DraftKings Casual player contests can be found either by searching or filtering the contests from the lobby.

The new contests are being taken quite seriously with DraftKings reserving a spot under the main main of Contest Types — with tournaments, head to heads and other types of contests.

To search for all casual contests you can also simply key in “casual” to find all contests with this term. The easiest method is simply to use the menu, which can be seen below.


The DraftKings Casual Player Contests are available in most daily fantasy sports offered by DraftKings. Contests available will primarily be guaranteed and league contests, some with very large guaranteed prize pools. Players who don’t have an experience badge should definitely take advantage of their Casual status while it is available.


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