How to Qualify for DraftKings Bucket List Experiences

DraftKings Bucket List Experiences are arguably one of the more unique items you can win at DraftKings. Here are the ways you can qualify.


The core principal of daily fantasy sports is that it brings sports fans closer to the game they love. DraftKings has extended that interactivity through the DraftKings Bucket List, experiences which allow fans to live out their sports fantasies.

DraftKings gives fans a few unique opportunities to receive these one-of-a-kind packages. So if you are passionate about sports, you’ll definitely want to give Bucket List packages an extra look. To date over 500 of these packages have been awarded, forever changing the live of these lucky sports fans.

What exactly are Bucket List packages and how can players qualify?

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DraftKings Bucket List Packages Explained

As the name would suggest, “Bucket List” packages are experience prizes awarded by DraftKings that aim to fulfill a sports fan’s Bucket List goals.

The packages are structure to give players a sports experience they will not forget. Examples of Bucket List packages offered by include “Big Game,” NASCAR VIP Experience and tickets/experiences to specific games.

Most packages provide tickets to events and games. In addition, players may receive receive such perks such as VIP access, hotel stay and limo rides. Other packages may include airfare, parking, pre-game access and other perks. Before attempting to qualify for a package, familiarize yourself with what is being offered as packages can vary.

DraftKings has featured handful of stories from winners of some of these packages. Those interested in the Bucket List should definitely check it out.


How to Win a DraftKings Bucket List Package

There are three primary ways to win DraftKings Bucket List packages — through special contests, purchasing in the DraftKings VIP Store or by qualifying for the Silver VIP freeroll.

Bucket List Contests – On most days, DraftKings offers some form of DraftKings Bucket League contest. Each of these contests will award a Bucket List package. You can find these contests from the Bucket List page (located under promos) which will provide details of the package as well as the contest.


This seems to be the best location to find these contests, but you can also search the lobby using terms such as “bucket” or “experience.”

VIP Store – The DraftKings store is your place to use earned FPPs to purchase DraftKings contest tickets, apparel and other merchandise. DraftKings will also allow you to make FPP purchases for VIP Experience related items. The selection is a bit low these days but there are still opportunities available here.


VIP Silver Status ExclusiveDraftKings Silver Players are eligible to participate in the “$50,000 Custom VIP Experience Monthly Free Contest.” The top three finishers in this freeroll will be able to create their own Bucket List experience with the help of a DraftKings concierge.


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