DraftKings Billion Dollar Lineup

DraftKings Billion Dollar Lineup Awards $1 Billion for Perfect Lineup During Week 1

DraftKings is offering a Billion Dollar Lineup contest this NFL season. All you need to do is pick a perfect DFS lineup.

DraftKings Billion Dollar Lineup

You can be the world’s first daily fantasy billionaire. It’s now possible through DraftKings Billion Dollar Lineup promotion during Week 1 of the NFl season.

DraftKings players can win $1 billion dollars for achieving the monumental feet of selecting a perfect lineup on a given week. The offer is similar to the promotion offered by DraftDay a few years ago as well as Warren Buffet’s $1 million a year for life March Madness Bracket Contest.

It’s a monumental prize for achieving a near impossible feat. And before you complain about the gimmicky-ness of the promotion, know that it’s also a $100,000 freeroll – meaning there is no cost to enter and DraftKings will actually give away $100,000 for free to top performing lineups. Not bad for something fun and interesting to talk about on Week 1.

How is DraftKings able to Offer This Promotion?

A billion dollars is a lot of money and this will be a promotion that is talked about across the daily fantasy world. It will likely get a lot of buzz and DraftKings undoubtedly hopes that it will attract a lot of new players to DraftKings.

The fact is hitting a perfect lineup is a extremely difficult task, due in large part to the randomness involved in the performance of daily fantasy sports lineups. It wouldn’t be a huge stretch to say that nobody will select a perfect lineup this season – or ever for that matter. According to a post on Rotogrinders, a player came close in 2015 but even despite being 3.5 points away would still come away with nothing except the standard contest prize. Put this on top of the fact that players will only be allowed to submit one lineup means there is VERY little room for error. One estimate puts the chance of hitting a perfect lineup at 1 in 2 trillion.

In the unlikely event that it is hit, the promotion has been insured by some of the world’s top insurers. If its hit, DraftKings will pay the promotion via the insurers. DraftKings calls the promotion the “most challenging promotion we’ve ever offered.” Some estimates have the promotion costing DraftKings more than $10 million. But for the buzz that the promotion is generating, it seems to be worth it.

What is the perfect daily fantasy sports lineup?

The perfect daily fantasy sports lineup is the best possible lineup from all lineup combinations. This doesn’t just mean that you have to win the contest, but you must also draft a lineup that consists of all players who scored the most points for their position that week. This means that your quarterback must score more than any other quarterback, your two running backs must be the highest scoring running backs for the week, your three wide receivers must all be in the top three – and so on – for all nine positions.

How to Enter the Billion Dollar Lineup

DraftKings is offering the promotion for Week 1, and possibly for subsequent weeks as well. In order to participate, a DFS participant must enter the Free $100,000 Contest during the first week via the promotion page, where you will need to agree to the terms of the contest.

You wont hit the perfect lineup but if you somehow manage to pull it off, you will be given the choice of receiving $5 million a year for 50 years and then a lump sum OR $300 million as a lump sum. Lineups must be submitted by September 10th at 1 PM ET. The contest is limited to 5 million entries.

DraftKings Billion Dollar Lineup


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