DraftKings Achievements 2018

DraftKings Achievements Expanded With Improved Integration

DrafKings Achievements get a revamp with improved accessibility and on-demand claims among the improvements.

DraftKings Achievements 2018 and 2019

DraftKings Achievements were revealed earlier this year to praise from DFS players. Now, the DFS site has improved them with greater integration into the DraftKings platform. Soon DraftKings Achievements will have a “permanent home” on both the DraftKings website and DraftKings mobile app as part of the DraftKings Rewards program.

The new integration aims to make it easier for players to find and complete their missions as well as claim achievement rewards through a new on-demand claim system.

Rewards unchanged, players need to claim rewards

For those that have enjoyed achievements before, don’t worry — rewards have not changed for earning achievements. What has changed is that you will now be able to find and monitor your Achievements more intuitively. DraftKings maintains that with the revamp, that it has never been easier to track your Achievement progress, monitor what you have earned and to claim rewards.

One change — having players claim prizes — has irked some players as it adds an extra step to the process. But DraftKings maintains that they will remind players that achievements bonuses need to be claimed before they expire. Previously, rewards were paid automatically but had to be credited manually by DraftKings. This took the burden out of players hands but did not always result in timely payouts.

The new change will allow players to save up rewards for a later date and possibly aid their ascension into higher status levels.

How Does DraftKings Achievements work?

The premise of DraftKings Achievements is simple — complete an achievement/goal/task and receive a prize, almost always “Crowns.”

To see your list of achievements, which are personalized, you can go to “Achievements” under “Rewards” and view your achievements by sport.

The achievement page details your list of achievement, the requirement to complete the achievement and your reward, which come in the form of Crowns. The DraftKings Store is where you will go to redeem Crowns for items such as DraftKings contests tickets.

In general, the more difficult the achievement, the greater the reward. A simple task, like playing in a specific contest might be worth 5 Crowns. A more complicated achievement — such as playing a contest for 175 days — such as the NHL Iron Man achievement, will award 25,000 Crowns.

Rewards are credited within 24 hours after meeting an achievement and must be claimed within 30 days after the sport’s season has concluded. This is the part of the latest changes which has upset some players.

But don’t worry about missing a reward — DraftKings will remind when you have completed an achievement to claim your prize. As long as you playing DraftKings at least somewhat regularly — which you will be likely doing if you are earning achievements — you shouldn’t have any issue claim rewards, but reminders will be available if you need them.


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