Draft Ops Full Site Review and Promo Code

Have you been looking for a smaller alternative site to play daily fantasy sports at? Draft Ops may just be that place for you to call home. The Doumani real estate family based out of Las Vegas, and the former owners of the Tropicana Casino have recently launched one of the newer DFS site — Draft Ops. Draft Ops is serious about becoming a big player in the daily fantasy sports scene, and has already shown they have deep pockets.


Draft Ops is no longer operational. As a result, this review is not up to date. If you are looking for another site, we recommend DraftKings.

Draft Ops Overview

Have you been looking for a smaller alternative site to play daily fantasy sports at? Draft Ops may just be that place for you to call home. The Doumani real estate family based out of Las Vegas, and the former owners of the Tropicana Casino have recently launched one of the newer DFS site — Draft Ops. Draft Ops is serious about becoming a big player in the daily fantasy sports scene, and has already shown they have deep pockets.

Up to a 60% Deposit Bonus.

Players located in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, Tennessee, Vermont and Washington are not allowed to play on Draft Ops.

Draft Ops Sports Offered

Draft Ops is one of the newest members of the daily fantasy sports industry, but that does not mean they are not prepared to serve you well. Draft Ops offers some sensational opportunities to win money, providing games in most of the major sports in the United States. Draft Ops offers games in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Draft Ops is looking into opportunities in other sports as well, such as PGA, Soccer and even NCAA sports. For now, they are doing well enough with these sports, and looking to perfect their craft as a daily fantasy sports power.

Draft Ops Contests and Prize Pools

Draft Ops offers a ton of different opportunities when it comes to play in their games. After you have registered your name, and deposited your money; you’re ready to start playing in the games. Be sure before you start playing in the games, you know all the rules, and how to play the games. Here are the game play opportunities that Draft Opts provides:

  • Guaranteed Prize Pools – These are the most common type of tournament play that folks play at Draft Ops. These are popular, because they offer a large amount of money to pay out. These are the hardest to win, because of the large amount of entries into them. If there is a $25,000 prize pool, they may be offering $10,000 or so to the winner.
  • Pick 3 – The Pick 3 is where you are going to pick just 3 players, no matter what. You are looking to pick the 3 players you think will perform best on the slate of games. Such examples may be the selecting 3 pitchers, regardless of their salary.
  • 50/50 League – when you play in 50/50, they are much like they should. Half of the folks playing are going to win, and half are going to lose. Typically, winners will double their money. So, for example, if you are playing a $10 50/50 game, and you place in the upper half, you will come away with a $20 win.
  • Head to Head – these are much like the 50/50 games. The difference is, you are playing against one other person. If you choose a $1 head to head game, you are playing to win an additional $1. If you play a $100 head to head, the winner comes away with just shy of $200.

The folks at Draft Ops are providing games for as low as $0.05, and you can grab games for as high as $535. You can also play in free games to get started, without risking any money. Also, be on the look out for Free Roll opportunities, which are free to play, and the best of the best win free money. Prize Pools at Draft Ops certainly depend on the entry fee and number of entries, but there have been guaranteed prize pools at Draft Ops of upwards of $25,000 since their opening.

Draft Ops Interface

The interface at Draft Ops is simple, but fun. It’s easy to navigate around the website, and the speed of the site is up to par. When you are playing games at Draft Ops, be sure you take advantage of their live scoring. We feel this is one of the most overlooked, but most fun parts of daily fantasy sports websites.


Following along with your team, as they are playing. Therefore, you can watch as the game is going on, and also follow the other teams that are participating. Draft Ops has a great interface in which cooperates effectively with the rest of the website.

Draft Ops Drafting/Scoring

Most of the games in other daily fantasy sports site are based on a salary cap. When you are given a salary cap, whatever amount the website chooses that to be; you must stay unders that. Every player is then assigned a salary, and you have to construct a roster and keep your salary under the cap. For example, in baseball; you have to grab a starting pitcher, catcher, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF, OF and OF and keep your salary under the cap.


Draft Ops is different, at least for the games we have encountered. You are simply drafting 9 players, regardless of the salary cap. If you want to draft the top 9 players in baseball; you have that choice, but understand, not every night, the best players perform the best. The only real is, you must have two teams represented in your team.

Be sure you understand how scoring works. For example, Draft Ops offers +6 for the starting pitchers win. Some daily fantasy sports sites DO offer points for the win, while others do not. It’s very important that you know and understand the scoring system’s at each site you play at.

Draft Ops Deposits

When you are ready to put money into your account at Draft Ops, they make it pretty easy. When you click on the page, they are offering you to deposit $25, $100, $200, or you can enter the amount you want. Depositing money at Draft Ops can be done via Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. You can also use your PayPal account, which many find the easiest way to deposit.

Withdrawing money from Draft Ops is an important tool a lot of people look over. When you are ready to take money out of your account, just like all daily fantasy sports websites, please understand, it can take 24-48 hours for the site to process. Withdrawing money straight into your PayPal account is the easiest way at Draft Ops, but they also give you an opportunity to request a check, and other methods. PayPal is the safest, and quickest way to withdraw money.

Draft Ops Deposit Bonus

Draft Ops offers several different options when it comes to deposit bonuses. They do not give a blanket amount to you like several daily fantasy sports sites do. What Draft Ops offers: If you deposit $25, they will give you 30% bonus. A $100 deposit gives you 60%, which is $60.00 free credits into your account.


A $200 deposit offers a 60% bonus as well, and that’s the highest they go at Draft Ops. They will allow you to deposit up to $10,000, but will only give you $240 free. The deposit bonus at Draft Ops is not quite up to par with several of the big players in daily fantasy sports yet.

Draft Ops Promotions

Outside of the traditional deposit bonuses that Draft Ops and other websites offer, the only other promotion that seems to be available is the player ranks feature. The player ranks feature refers to how many games, and how well you do at their website.

Here is what the promotion at Draft Ops is described as: “Work your way up the ranks to achieve fantasy greatness! The more you play and win, the higher you will be ranked. The following will help assist you to better understand just how to rise in the ranks!”

From there, as it states above, there are certain ranks for you to achieve. Each rank requires a certain amount of points, and then gives you a multiplier. As you play more, you can move up the ranks. Here is a look at the ranks:

  • Recruit
  • Apprentice
  • Apprentice Grade 2
  • Private
  • Private 2
  • Corporal
  • Corporal Grade 2
  • Sergeant
  • Sergeant Grade 2
  • Sergeant Grade 3
  • Master Sergeant
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Grade 2
  • Lieutenant Grade 3
  • Lieutenant Grade 4
  • Captain
  • Captain Grade 2
  • Captain Grade 3
  • Captain Grade 4
  • Major
  • Major Grade 2
  • Major Grade 3
  • Major Grade 4
  • Commander
  • Commander Grade 2
  • Commander Grade 3
  • Commander Grade 4
  • Colonel
  • Colonel Grade 2
  • Colonel Grade 3
  • Colonel Grade 4
  • Brigadier
  • Brigadier Grade 2
  • Brigadier Grade 3
  • Brigadier Grade 4
  • General
  • General Grade 2
  • General Grade 3
  • General Grade 4
  • Admiral

Draft Ops Referral Program

As of now, we have not seen a Referral Program at Draft Ops. This may be something they are looking to add in the future, but there is no trace of one at this point.

Draft Ops Conclusion

To close, Draft Ops is the real deal. With easy methods to deposit, easy methods to withdrawal, a simple process to make a user, and a wide selection of games to play, what a great game. Play any of the awesome games that are available, and enjoy all of the sports that they offer. If you have questions at Draft Ops, they will help you out with their excellent customer service. Do not miss out on your chance to play at Draft Ops today!


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