Create FanDuel Contests in 3 Steps

Not satisfied with the available contests at FanDuel? Want to play a private game with your friends? That’s no problem at FanDuel, as you are allowed to create a contest for either head to head or league contests


Not satisfied with the available contests at FanDuel? Want to play a private game with your friends? That’s no problem at FanDuel, as you are allowed to create a contest in either head to head or league varieties.

What are the easy steps to create a contest at FanDuel?

Instructions to Create FanDuel Contest

Obviously, before you get started, you will first need to have a FanDuel account. If you don’t have one, you can create one right now by clicking on the button below.

Entry Fee Refund up to $120 at FanDuel

No code required

To join an existing contest at FanDuel, you need to hit any one of the contests that are available in the lobby. The process for creating your own contest is slightly differently.

Once you are signed in, as long as you are looking at the lobby, you will see a green button:


From there you will be select the attributes of the contest you want to create.


Customizing Your League Contests

As the creator of the FanDuel contest, you will be given a variety of customization options when creating your contest on FanDuel.

– Easy enough, simply select the sport of your contest.

Date – You can select from a list of slates for your contest, usually available for the current day for sports like NBA, NHL and MLB and current week for the NFL. Be careful here as you want to make sure to select a slate that covers the most games, unless you intend otherwise. “Late” slates usually over less than half of the games for the day while “Main” slates cover all the games.

You can click on the link next to the list of slates to display exactly what games are being played under the slate.

Contest Type – For contest type, you will have two choices at FanDuel: head to head or league. A head to head contest is a contest against a single opponent while a league is against many opponents (you will be able to set the number in a later step).

Opponent – In this option, you will select either “Anyone” or “Friends Only.” Contests that anyone can join will be available to the public and will likely fill up quickly. If your head to head contest does not fill up, FanDuel will attempt to match you an opponent at game time. Friends Only will be a private league that only players you invite can attend.

League Size – When selecting League contests, you be given the choice of selecting the size of the contest (3-20 players), entry fee (free, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100) and prize structure (winner take all, top 1/3 gets a prize or three players get a prize). Note that if friends-only contests do not fill, it will be converted to a free contest so that it can run.

Entry Fee – In league contests, entry fees are chosen under the League size field, but in head-to-head contests you will need to select one of 13 entry fees: $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $50, $109, $270, $535, $1065, $5300, $10600 and free.

After determining your contest details, you will be ready to create your contest.


FanDuel then requires you to fill in your lineup before the contest is live. For Friends Only contests, you will need to select a team and then send an invite to the friends you wish to invite.

After your contest has been created, click on the “Upcoming” tab to see your contest and begin watching opponents join your contests.


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