DraftKings League Hub Helps Commissioners Manage Money

If you are one of the millions of users who play season long fantasy sports, you may know how difficult it is to collect entry fees and manage payouts. Enter League Hub, a manager for fantasy sports leagues run for ESPN seasonal leagues.


“I swear I’ll pay you next week.” If you are one of the millions of users who play season long fantasy sports, you may know how difficult it is to collect entry fees and manage payouts. Enter League Hub, a manager for fantasy sports leagues run for ESPN seasonal leagues. In addition to being convenient, League Hub is entirely free and all you need is a DraftKings account.

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Connecting your ESPN football and basketball fantasy leagues is simple and doing so will allow you collect entry fees and manage payouts using the safety and security of DraftKings’ payment options.

Start talking to your league members and commissioner to use League Hub for your future leagues as it can really take how some of the annoying headaches that fantasy players — and especially the commissioner — faces each season.

Basics of DraftKings League Hub

Before setup, ESPN will ask you to verify your ESPN account to “manage dues using League Hub at DraftKings.” Once you have verified, all your leagues will be available to manage league dues and other monetary costs (i.e. trophies) associated with your league using the League Hub at DraftKings.


Once you have connected your ESPN league, you can set your entry fee, deadline to pay, league money fund and prize structure.


You can then invite teams from your league to start collecting entry fees. Co-owners can also be invited to start collecting fees through League Hub.

At the end of the season, the winners will be paid directly into their DraftKings for easy withdrawal — or perhaps to play a few of daily fantasy games.

How League Hub Works

Once you have connected your league and are ready to go, you can begin to collect league dues from your league members. Payment status for each of the league members is tracked via the League Hub allowing you to keep track of who hasn’t paid yet.

Send auto reminders or a deadline of the League Manager’s choosing to help get those payments more quickly. Once the payments have been collected, they are held until the end of the season through DraftKings payment options.

If league fees are not collected by the deadline, the league in League Hub is canceled and all fees are refunded. Don’t worry, though – you can deadline at any time before the end of the season.

For payments, they can be set under a traditional default method or customized based on your league’s preferences. You can do unique payouts such as an award for weekly winners or most points. You can select the payouts manually or put it up to a league vote through League Hub. The League Manager has up to 60 days after the season to set a payout. To make sure payments are being handled fairly, in league majority leagues, members will have five days after the League Manager sets a payout to approve or disapprove.

At the end of the season, the League Manager will distribute prizes to the winners to their DraftKings account. One important note – any player that wins more than $600 in net profit in a calendar year will be issued a 1099 by DraftKings.

Should You Participate in League Hub?

League Hub is an ingenious idea by DraftKings to not only provide season-long fantasy players — the more traditional and numerous player — with a way to manage the administration of their league, but also to get them in the door to DraftKings. League Managers will already have a DraftKings account and players will be required to set up a DraftKings account to participate.

Of course, players will be under no obligation to participate in DraftKings daily fantasy sports contests, but since players will already have an account, DraftKings is betting that you are going to be more likely to play if you already have some leftover funds from your last win.

League Hub is certainly worth a try if you run your season long leagues through ESPN. The best advice is to set up a test league before your next league gets started. Connect a league and see if League Hub might be worth using for your next league.


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